The Hidden Trick to Request a Desktop Site on iPhone

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Viewing the desktop version of a website can sometimes help you find something that isn't available on the mobile version. Of course, the iPhone always defaults to the mobile site, but there is a way to force Safari to load the desktop version. It’s a pretty awesome hidden trick. Let's go over how to request a desktop site on iPhone.

Why You'll Love This Tip:

  • Switch to desktop view to access features not available on the mobile site.
  • Use desktop view if a website doesn't offer a mobile version.

How to Request Desktop Site on iPhone

System Requirements

This tip works on most iPhones, but the screenshots below were captured on iOS 17. Find out how to update to the latest version of iOS.

The desktop and mobile versions of websites can sometimes be completely different. Luckily, there’s a hidden trick to request a desktop site on iPhone. For more hidden iPhone tips and tricks, be sure to check out our free Tip of the Day newsletter. Now, here's how to request a desktop site on iPhone:

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  1. Open Safari.

    iphone home screen with safari app circled in red
  2. After opening the mobile webpage, tap the Reader View icon in the bottom left corner (in the URL bar).

    iphone safari with a red box around the reader view icon
  3. Tap Request Desktop Website.

    iphone safari reader view menu with request desktop website button circled in red
  4. Now, you can browse the desktop version of the website, taking advantage of any features that don't exist on the mobile site.
  5. If you want to switch back to the mobile site, repeat step 2, and then tap Request Mobile Website.

    iphone safari reader view menu with request mobile website button circled in red

That's how to switch to desktop mode in Safari on iPhone. Now, you can easily request desktop sites on your iPhone! Next, find out how to fix it when Safari is not working.

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