Dog & Bone Wetsuit Impact: Superior Rugged and Waterproof iPhone Cases for iPhone 6s and 6s Plus

 Superior Rugged and Waterproof iPhone Cases for iPhone 6s and 6s Plus

I recently had an opportunity to try out the newest rugged waterproof case from Dog & Bone; the Wetsuit Impact, and I have to say, it's one of the best waterproof cases I've ever had the pleasure of testing. It is a remarkably well designed iPhone case, with a great deal of attention paid to every little detail. Not only does the Wetsuit Impact (Starting at $79.95) provide some of the best, most reliable protection of any waterproof, heavy-duty case on the market, it also looks fabulous and fashionable while doing so. It sports a svelte form-factor with advanced technical design elements that elevate the status of this case to one of the premier cases of its class.

Superior Extreme-Duty Protection For Your iPhone

This case has taken what has become the standard for waterproof iPhone cases and raised the bar in almost every way. Without adding much in the way of extra bulk, the Wetsuit Impact incorporates an ingenious shock absorbing suspension system into its design, aimed at keeping your device safe from even extreme impact. This comes in the form of a series of spring-loaded plastic tabs which cradle the iPhone and allow the force of impact to be evenly dispersed and absorbed by the case, not by your precious iPhone.

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It's also worth noting that the port covers that keep moisture and debris away from the iPhone's headphone and Lightning ports are some of the best designed that I've come across. Many waterproof cases struggle to create port covers that are as durable as the rest of the case and able to withstand continued opening and closing. This is an area where many waterproof cases fall short. Not the Wetsuit Impact though. It utilizes a dense, resilient rubber flap with an O-ring seal for the construction of the port covers.

An Elegant, Minimalist Design without the Bulk

Some waterproof and rugged cases have a well-deserved reputation for adding excessive bulk to the slim shape of the iPhone. Again, not so with the Wetsuit Impact. This is one of the thinnest profile heavy-duty cases currently available for purchase. It's not the kind of case that at first glance, will have people assuming you are either off to active combat in a war zone or about to go diving in the ocean, though if any case were up for such tasks, it would be this one. The Wetsuit is about as fashionable as a full-time-use waterproof case can be, while still delivering top of the line rugged protection.


  • Advanced shock absorbing interior tabs cradle your iPhone in the case, effectively absorbing shock from drops and impact.
  • Grippy sides and a textured back panel give this case superb traction in your hand, even when wet.
  • The Wetsuit Impact includes a lanyard attachment point, which always scores a waterproof case extra points in my book!
  • Excellent acoustic performance! In the past, if you wanted a heavy-duty case, you usually had to sacrifice audio quality, but with the Wetsuit Impact, both call quality and music playback quality are practically unaffected. In fact, if anything, thanks to a sound channel that amplifies the audio playback, this case actually serves to enhance the iPhone's single-speaker acoustics.
  • The Wetsuit Impact is a significant upgrade over the original Wetsuit, which did not have the same reliably durable port covers and which had a debilitating flaw of making inaccessible the feature that allows you to swipe up from the bottom of the screen to access the control panel/flashlight.


  • My biggest gripe with the Wetsuit is not something unique to the Wetsuit. In fact it's an issue that plagues the majority of tight-fitting, waterproof cases on the market that fit both 6/6s and 6 Plus/6s Plus models. Because of the ever-so-slight difference in thickness of these phones, if you are using an older iPhone 6 or 6 Plus with this case, it feels like there is a very thin gap between the case's built-in screen protector and the glass touchscreens of the iPhones themselves. For the most part, it's barely noticeable; however, when typing or when needing to hit virtual buttons near the edges of the screen, it does require a little extra force and concentrated effort to avoid mistyping.
  • Speaking of touchscreens, in my experience I found that the built-in glass touchscreen got scratched up remarkably and surprisingly fast. Within days of mild use, I found the screen to be showing significant signs of wear and tear. Definitely not on par with other glass screen protectors that I've come across.
  • As stylish and pleasant to look at as this case may be, it would be nice if it were available in more than three color options. Hopefully this will change with time, as some of this case's closet competition offer a much wider variety of color choices to select from.

Final Verdict:

The Wetsuit Impact has effectively raised the bar for waterproof cases. If you are looking for maximum protection with minimum bulk I would certainly recommend this case. My biggest gripes about this case are the above mentioned points having to do with the screen protector. Aside from that, this is an excellent case, though my issues with the case's screen protector kept it from getting a perfect 5-Star rating.

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