7 Cool & Creative iPhone Cases for Artists

There are iPhone cases for every type of personality, from the rugged, life-proof beasts to the professional, leather covers. Collections of cases are made fairly streamlined though; what if you want to show off your personality or love of art with your iPhone case? There is an array of websites offering graphic design covers but, recently, I came across Redbubble, a company that features independent art on all kinds of gear. Here are seven of my favorites amongst the 8000 options the website offers.

Hazy Days ($27.08)

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Twenty Sided Die ($25)

RAD XV ($25)

A Proper Evaluation ($25)

Purple Pearl ($28.12)

No. 314 ($33.33)

First Snow… ($26.04)

What other creative cases caught your eye? You could scroll through Redbubble's independent art covers and skins for hours; there are lots of beautiful options. It's noted in the reviews that the snap cases have high quality images but aren't the best for protection. This is often the trade-off with artsy iPhone cases, but it's a fun way to show off your style and carry inspiration around in your pocket. 

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