6 Best Apps for Apple Watch

New third-party apps for Apple Watch are constantly being introduced as the iPhone accessory gains momentum. One of the biggest complaints of watch users is the lack of apps that work well on such a small device. Developing apps for a screen measured in millimeters means thinking about our wearable tech as both a companion to iPhone and a stand alone device. That’s why I put together a roundup of six apps that make the Apple Watch more productive and/or more fun to use.

ProCamera ($4.99)

ProCamera on Apple Watch acts as a remote for your iPhone Camera. From your watch, you can set the Mode, set a timer for shooting photos, change capture format, and, of course, shoot photos. This would come in particularly handy when using a tripod or selfie-stick as you don’t need to touch your phone to snap the photo. The app itself is also a great all-around photo shooting and editing app.


Streaks ($3.99)

Streaks helps you create and implement positive habits with gentle reminders on the Apple Watch. You can track up to six tasks you want to complete everyday from reading for twenty minutes, to exercising, and walking the dog. Set custom colors for each goal icon and check off tasks from Apple Watch throughout your day.


Currency (Free)

This app is simple and brilliant. You can get monetary exchange rates right from your Apple Watch with this currency convertor. It launched as one of the first 500 apps in the App Store and has remained the number one currency convertor since. Perfect for traveling abroad, the app just works.


Just Press Record ($2.99)

Someone tell me why Apple’s Voice Memos doesn’t have an Apple Watch version. Well no worries, Just Press Record is here to take over instead. It does exactly as the title states, open the app and just press record. It automatically syncs your recordings across your devices and is a great tool for journalist, musicians, students, and more.


Carrot Fit ($2.99)

There is a plethora of 7-minute workout apps available to choose from in the App Store but none with quite the sense of humor as Carrot Fit. Carrot, the sadistic AI, wants to get you in shape and she’s not going to be nice about it. Keep Carrot happy by consistently working out and moving towards your goal; don’t make her mad, or you’ll be the one crying. The app adds a fresh take and sense of humor to the overly done 7-minute workout.  


Lifeline 2 ($0.99)

Lifeline 2 is the sequel to the smash hit, Lifeline. This time, you’re helping Arika avenge her parents and save humanity. The Lifeline games are choose-your-own-story type adventures, with text illustrating the plot and decisions for you to make along the way. The simplicity of the game is what makes it perfect for Apple Watch, as you can read what’s going on and choose her next move right on screen. Next, learn how to close apps on your Apple Watch to help your battery last longer.

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