5 Free iPhone Apps to Support People of Color in Your Community

It's no longer enough to just say, "black lives matter," it needs to be accompanied with action. If you’re wondering what the best way to show support for people of color in your community is, you’re not alone. Sometimes it can be challenging or intimidating to know what to do, but you’re not powerless! This selection of apps are curated as a resource to encourage a diverse culture and equality in your community. 

We've written about Apple's Maps guide to black-owned restaurants. We've also created a roundup of apps from black developers. For more great, free content, check out our Tip of the Day.

1. Black Nation (Free)

Launched in 2018 by entrepreneur Rameish Budhoo, Black Nation lets you search your city for black-owned businesses. It also allows businesses owned by people of color with a free resource for increased visibility. This is the perfect app for locating hidden gems in your community, while supporting black-owned businesses. Online ordering allows you to show your support from afar. It’s as simple as choosing from dozens of categories and finding the top-rated businesses near you.


2. Empowrd (Free)

This app is perfect for localized, personal, and effective civic engagement. You can easily join events and follow organizations based on causes that you care about, such as criminal justice reform and racial equity. The app has a very user-friendly interface, which makes finding your elected leaders and reaching out to them simple and quick. Based on your location, you’ll get suggestions for partnerships and campaigns relevant to your interests.


3. Buycott (Free)

If you’ve ever wondered what practices and ethics you’re supporting when you buy a product, this app is for you. This simple barcode scanner allows you to quickly see where your money is going when you buy something. Using this tool, you could decide to support corporations that stand in favor of social responsibility and human rights. These decisions impact all of us, especially marginalized communities. Companies big and small can be incentivized by their customers to make ethical decisions, and Buycott makes it easier than ever to make informed choices with your dollar. 


4. EatOkra (Free)

This app is your guide to finding local Black-owned restaurants and food trucks. It’s harder than ever to make ends meet running a food service business. Seeking out local restaurants to support is essential for building and maintaining a diverse culture, and it’s easier than ever with EatOkra. This sleek and thoughtfully designed app lets you choose your culinary preferences and location and serves up a curated list of restaurants in your area. This is an awesome tool for supporting diversity in your community, and you might just find a new favorite place to eat!

5 Calls

5. 5 Calls (Free)

This app makes civic action easier than it’s ever been. Simply choose an issue that matters to you, such as demanding federal protections against voter suppression, enter your zip code, and within seconds you’ll be connected to your representatives. The app even places the phone calls for you and gives you a suggested script to read! This is a real and practical way to effect change in your community on a daily basis. It’s also a great way to find out about the specificities of your state’s laws. 

We hope this list helps cultivate action for positive change and diversity in your community. Our voices and our dollars have a profound impact on the shape of culture, and hopefully these apps will be useful tools for staying informed.

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