Review Part 2: Marware C.E.O. Hybrid for iPad

Here is part two of my review of the C.E.O. Hybrid case. You can find the original unboxing post and some general pics here:

This Black folio style case is made of a synthetic material. It is not leather. I do like the general design of this case though. The case itself is pretty tight to the iPad and it’s a real easy install. Just slip the iPad in and the grips keep it in place. The only soft part of this case is the interior, which feels like suede. The outer shell of this is very hard and rigid.


On the inside of the front cover, Marware integrated an elastic strap. This strap is built solid. It’s the tightest strap so far that I have used. I am thinking this will loosen up a bit, but at first I thought it was a little uncomfortable using it.

The front cover can flip all the way back so it’s out of your way if you want it to be. There is a small elastic strap that is built in and flush to the edge of the back cover. This can be used to secure that cover in place on the back.

When the case cover is used to protect your screen when you are done, it’s held in place by two tabs that grip the side of the iPad. I felt these did a great job of keeping that cover closed.

This case also supports three viewing angles. The third pic below is not a bad angle for typing. On the inside of the front cover, there are two grooves. The iPad pops out of the two corner grips that are closet to the front cover. The back cover then allows the case to bend and the grooves support one side of the iPad.

In my opinion, I think there is one major drawback to this case. It’s very heavy. After a few minutes of holding and using the device, I wanted to set it down as it was uncomfortable to keep holding. This is the only thing that turns me off, but it’s a biggie. I still like the general design but if it was a lot lighter, I would think this would almost be a perfect case of this type.




• Ultra low-profile, sleek design

• Innovative elastic interior hand strap for better grip

• Padded exterior and injection molded interior for rigid support and protection

• Soft suede-like interior protects from scratching

• Multiple adjustable angles for viewing, displaying or typing

• Reinforced grip corners for maximum hold, corner protection and secure closure

• Elastic strap to hold the case in the open position

• Includes: Faux leather folio case



Product Page:




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