Buyer's Guide 2022: Best iPhone Cases for iPhone 14 & More

Stylish, sleek, and ready to fall 10 feet: check out our top picks for iPhone cases this year!

There’s nothing more important than a first impression, which is one of the many reasons why a phone case is a crucial iPhone accessory. But there are a few other useful, protective, and downright stylish reasons to upgrade your phone case this fall! I’ve been testing out more than twenty cases, and I’ve put together a list of my top recommendations for iPhone cases this season.

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Our Top 5 iPhone Case Picks for the Season

1. Otterbox Defender Pro XT - ($74.95)

The Defender Pro XT is the monster truck of protective phone cases. It has been through multiple iterations, many of which are still available in stores and online. However, the Pro XT takes the cake, with drop protection that claims to beat the military standard by five times, MagSafe compatibility despite its sturdy yet sleek thickness, and antimicrobial properties to protect against germs, all while boasting a recycled plastic makeup. While the case is hefty, it’s not too heavy for daily use and is the best when it comes to all-around protection, comfort, and style. And it comes in a few nice colors as well!

2. Smartish Wallet Slayer Vol. 2 - ($30)

If you’re looking for something a little less serious but love the idea of organization and portability, the Smartish Wallet Slayer Vol. 2 is the case for you. This case-and-wallet-in-one lets you carry cash and up to three cards, binge on videos or chat on FaceTime using its built-in kickstand, and get extra drop protection thanks to Air-Pocket corners. While this handy case is not MagSafe compatible due to its pockets, it will suit any buyer who enjoys the convenience of a wallet right there on your phone.

3. Otterbox Symmetry Series+ Antimicrobial Case - ($59.95)

Another Otterbox case makes the list, but not without reason! If you’re looking for a sleek, lightweight phone case that still has the customary Otterbox drop-protection standards, the Symmetry Series+ is my preferred choice. Its antimicrobial technology is hard to resist, especially in the post-COVID era. However, unlike the Defender Pro XT, the Symmetry+ only exceeds the military drop standard by three times (as opposed to five). Both cases are MagSafe compatible and are comprised of 50 percent recycled plastic. The Symmetry+ is a great contender against the bulkier Defender Pro XT if you’re looking for protection against drops and germs in one small but mighty case.

4. Case-Mate MagSafe Soap Bubble Case - ($45)

This case took me by surprise; the Case-Mate Soap Bubble Case is more than just the fun holographic design that meets the eye. While Case-Mate is known for flashy, stylish, and creative designs, their cases feature drop protection of up to 10 feet and an antimicrobial coating. This case is also MagSafe compatible with built-in magnets that snap your phone into place for a super quick charging experience. The case is also scratch-proof to ensure that the cool or pretty design you choose doesn’t rub off over time. And I have to admit, the iridescent design is quite striking!

5. Nomad Modern LeatherCase - ($69.95)

A refined take on a phone case, this leather-bound case is wrapped in Nomad’s Horween leather, sourced in the U.S. and minimally treated. With daily use, this phone case will naturally gather marks and scratches to develop a patina over time, embracing the imperfections as a part of the case’s unique personality. But this luxurious case is more than just fancy leather; it protects your phone against drops up to ten feet due to its internal shock absorption air bumper, as well as a full 360-degree exterior bumper. The Nomad Horween Modern Leather case works with MagSafe chargers, has dual lanyard attachment points, and comes in three rich colors.

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