How to Create Customized Vibration Patterns

If you find yourself checking your phone every time any phone in your vicinity vibrates, it may be time to create a custom vibration pattern to set your iPhone's ringtone apart from the pack. It’s super easy to do and you can tap along to a favorite song of yours for a fun, unique vibration rhythm. Here’s how create customized vibration patterns.

To do this, open your Settings app. Tap Sounds. Select Ringtone.

Tap Vibration. Under Custom, select Create New Vibration.

Use your fingers (or your drummer friend's fingers) to tap out a groovy rhythm on your screen and press Stop when you're finished. Replay and record again until you've got the rhythm just right. Then tap Save.

Your new vibration pattern is now set as your ringtone vibration!

You can set your new custom vibration as your text tone, reminder alert, etc. or follow the steps above to create custom vibrations for any of your iPhone's different sounds.

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