Using Voice Memos

Voice MemosThis new app lets you create and save short voice recordings using the iPhone’s built-in microphone, the iPhone headset with mic, or third-party headsets certified to work with the iPhone. Simply open the Voice Memos app, tap on the round red record button, and start talking. When you’re finished hit the square black button in the lower right.

Here are some additional tips:

  • The app displays a recording level (VU) meter at the bottom of the screen. You can adjust this level by moving the microphone closer to or further away from the audio source. Experiment with this to find the distance and voice level that works best for you.
  • Recordings using the built-in mic are mono; you can create stereo recordings using an optional stereo microphone.
  • You can improve the quality of your audio recordings by loosely blocking or cupping the microphone hole on the bottom of the iPhone. This is particularly useful when you are outside on a windy day, or when there is a lot of ambient noise.
  • Display and play voice memos. Tap on the bottom right button to display a list of the memos you’ve recorded. Tap on the desired memo until it is highlighted in blue; then, tap the small Play button to the left of the memo.
  • Press the Speaker button in the upper left corner to play a voice memo through the built-in speakers. If you can’t hear your voice memos when you play them, this feature is probably turned off. Hit the button to turn it back on. When on, the button will be blue; when off, blue-grey.
  • Trim voice memos. Tap on the blue arrow button to the right of the memo in the list, and then tap on TrimMemoTrim Memo. Tap and hold on the beginning or end of the blue audio bar until a small time indicator bubble appears. Then, drag your finger to the left or right to adjust the beginning or end of the recording. Tap on the small play button to the left of the blue bar to preview your edit. TrimMemoWhen you are satisfied, hit the yellow Trim Voice Memo button. (Note: You can’t undo a trim; make sure you’re satisfied before you hit the yellow button.)
  • Share voice memos. You can send a voice memo to a friend or associate via e-mail or MMS message. Tap on a memo in the Voice Memos list and then the Share button on the bottom left. Next, press the Email Voice Memo button. A New Message window will open and the voice memo will already be attached. Fill in the rest of the info and press Send.
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