The Ultimate App for Dog Photos: BarkCam

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The camera roll on my iPhone is jam packed with pictures of my dogs—there's just something about those fuzzy faces that demands to be adored and photographed so that the pictures can be adored as well. Then of course there's the sharing; #instadog #socute #sorryyouguysicantrestrainmyself. I've been known to take dog photos with Instagram, share them to Facebook, then text and private message them to friends and family that really must see the latest iteration of canine cuteness right away. Therefore it is with great delight that I announce the discovery of my new favorite app, BarkCam, the "Instagram for Dogs." 

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BarkCam (Free)

What it Does

Suppose you want to take a picture of your dog (again) but she keeps moving at the last second, ruining your shot. BarkCam to the rescue! In addition to the standard camera feature, BarkCam features 15 different sounds including jingling keys, a doorbell, and a cat's meow designed to attract the attention of your canine friend. There's a short delay between the sound effect and the photo, just enough time for your dog to look in the direction of your iPhone and pose for the perfect pet portrait. 

The Ultimate App for Dog Photos: BarkCam

Once you've snapped your pic in regular or selfie mode, you can fancy it up with 11 filters; soft sniff, vintage pup, and omg bubbles are among the choices. BarkCam also features speech or thought bubbles, a meme function, and even stickers— there are kisses, mustaches, and silly hats to name just a few. After editing, there's an option to share your creation in text, email, Facebook messenger, or even on Pinterest. 

The Ultimate App for Dog Photos: BarkCamThe Ultimate App for Dog Photos: BarkCam

Why We Love It

All of the filters and stickers are so fun that I'm extra excited BarkCam can import pictures from the camera roll and other photo apps including Flickr and Instagram. This means I can augment and caption pre-BarkCam pics of my dogs, too—puppies with hats and mustaches coming right up! The cherry on the sundae for me is BarkCam's printing option. You can put pet photo on a range of products including stickers, posters, iPhone and iPad cases, and tote bags. What could be better?

The Ultimate App for Dog Photos: BarkCam

With an estimated seven million dogs kept as pets in the United States alone, we can only guess at how many dog photos are snapped annually. BarkCam is sure to make those billions of pics more fun, memorable, and shareable.

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