Solved: Liquid has Been Detected in Lightning Connector for iPhone (2023)

Your battery is getting low, so you decide to charge your iPhone. However, you get an alert that says that charging is unavailable because your iPhone has detected liquid in the Lightning connector. It is dangerous to charge your iPhone when it’s wet, but when you’re expecting an important call, making sure your iPhone is charged is important. We will show you measures to take if you ever receive the liquid detection alert.

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Get Liquid Out of iPhone

In most cases, the “Liquid has been detected in the Lightning connector” notification will pop up when your iPhone has been exposed to liquid from rain, from activities like swimming or showering, or from a spilled drink. The obvious solution to get rid of the moisture detection notification is to dry out your iPhone. Make sure to unplug cables and accessories because using them while your iPhone is wet can cause the pins on the Lightning port to corrode, which can lead to permanent damage and connectivity issues for your iPhone. Here's what to do to get moisture out of your Lightning connector:

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  1. Gently tap your iPhone against your hand with the Lightning connector facing down.
  2. Leave your iPhone on a flat surface in a dry place with some airflow for at least half an hour.
  3. After half an hour has passed, try to charge your iPhone with a Lightning cable or connect your iPhone with a Lightning accessory.
  4. If you still see the alert, leave your iPhone in a dry place with airflow for up to a day, and then try to charge or connect a Lightning accessory again.

Please do not use an external heat source such as a blow dryer or use compressed air to dry your iPhone. Avoid inserting foreign objects like cotton swabs or paper towels into the Lightning connector. Never put your iPhone in a container of rice or silica gel packets since small particles of these materials can cause damage to your iPhone. To learn more about how to take care of your iPhone, sign up for our Tip of the Day newsletter.

What to Do If There’s No Liquid in the Lightning Detector

If you still see this alert after doing the steps above, it could mean that the Lightning cable or accessory is damaged. You should get in touch with the manufacturer or with Apple Support if you’re using an Apple Lightning cable or accessory.

Try Wireless Charging

Wireless charging is a quick and easy alternative to traditional plug-in charging. Even if you do get an alert that liquid has been detected, you can use the wireless charger while your iPhone dries. If you currently don’t own a cordless charger, Apple has a wireless charger called the MagSafe Charger. If you decide to purchase an off-brand cordless charger, make sure that the charger is Qi-certified. Read our article on how to identify Qi-certified wireless chargers. Keep in mind that wireless charging is only compatible with iPhone 8 and newer models.

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