September 12 Apple iPhone Announcement: 10th-Anniversary iPhone, Apple Watch Rumors & More

Apple will unveil its newest iPhone on September 12. It's the 10th-anniversary Apple iPhone, so there are a lot of iPhone announcement rumors flying around about what kind of features it will have, the price, the release date, the size, shape, and even the colors that will be available. Another interesting aspect is the Apple Watch rumors. The Apple September 12 iPhone release event is sure to be packed full of surprises and fun new gadgets. If you are looking to learn more about the hype surrounding both the new iPhone 8 release date and the Apple Watch rumors, you've come to the right place!

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When is the Next Apple Event? Date of 10th-Anniversary Apple iPhone Announcement:

It's never possible to predict when the next Apple event will happen. They’re not set in stone, but many experts are suggesting that the next new iPhone announcement will likely be in September 2017. The latest reports indicate a September 12 announcement date. Update: Apple has officially confirmed September 12 as the iPhone event date! We'll discuss below what might be included in this next announcement. Already there are rumors about the iPhone 8, the 10th-Anniversary iPhone, and likely an Apple Watch Series 3!

Release Dates for Apple iPhone 8, Apple Watch Series 3 & More:

As for release dates, there are some rumors that Apple may release an iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus in September. The iPhone 8 release would then be delayed until November or later. The same would go for a 10th-Anniversary iPhone if they choose to have two different models.  

With the Apple Watch rumors floating around we have to speculate when they would be releasing and available. Apple Watch Series 3 would likely be announced at the next Apple event and then available by the end of 2017. Though no dates have yet been confirmed, in the past the release has been somewhere around December or earlier when the announcement is made in September.  

Apple iPhone 8 Rumors:

A leaked video of a dummy model suggests some of the new features we might see in the Apple iPhone 8 design. You can check that out right here. The video shows a new rear design with a stacked camera face along with a sleek body. It does appear to be roughly the same size as the current iPhone 7 model.

The biggest rumor about the next Apple event is of course the iPhone 8. We have everything from camera rumors to edge to edge display rumors. The new iPhone 8 release date will hopefully be included during the Apple September event. We’re all dying to know when is the new iPhone coming out, right?

Features of the 10th-Anniversary iPhone:

Because this is the 10th anniversary of the iPhone many people are expecting Apple to go all out with new features, designs, and possibly even a special limited edition 10th-Anniversary iPhone. Likely a 10th-anniversary iPhone would be released along with the typical next series model, iPhone 8.  

Some of the biggest Apple announcement rumors have been focused on the possibility of three models being released. Other rumors have centered on the possibility of an edge to edge display that will still allow touch ID and possibly a touch bar similar to the Macbooks. Still other rumors have suggested that most of the design changes will be focused on looks, a glass and stainless steel design for a sleek overall look. You can read more about all of these possibilities here.

Overall I’d say wireless charging and facial recognition are two of my favorite rumors and I’m hoping those two are brought to reality by the new iPhone 8 or a special 10th Anniversary iPhone.

Apple Watch Rumors:

Now onto the Apple Watch rumors! There are some rumors that the Apple Watch may be getting a new LTE chip as well as a more scratch resistant face. These would be great accompanied by a faster processor and longer battery life. I’m sure all Apple Watch users can agree with me in saying WatchOS 4 will be much more fun to use if we can get a full day out of it while actively engaging with the watch.

No big design or appearance changes are expected for the new Apple Watch rumors. Check out this post to see when you can expect to be able to purchase a new Apple Watch Series 3.

4K Apple TV Rumors:

Rumor has it we might even see a 5th generation Apple TV with 4K streaming capabilities anounced at the September 12 announcement. This new Apple TV is expected to have better gaming capabilities and to coincide with an announcement about Apple's new content streaming plans.

What Are You Looking For In The Next iPhone Release?

There’s poll going on! With all of the mystery surrounding the new iPhone 8 release date and the Apple September event, it’s no surprise that people are getting excited. You can weigh in, let everyone know what YOU are hoping to see in the next iPhone release. Check it out here and share your thoughts.

You can also learn more and keep up to date on all things surrounding the Apple events, iPhone 8 release date, and the Apple September event here.

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