Review: Arlo Wired Video Doorbell

I have been using a Ring video doorbell since they were introduced, but I've had some concerns about them so I was glad to try the Arlo Video Doorbell ($149.99) when Arlo sent a review unit. The Arlo addresses a couple of the issues I've had with Ring, specifically, the unit is narrower so it fits better on my door trim compared to the wider Ring version.

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Also, my doorway has four pillars, one of which is directly in front of the doorbell. That means I have an obstructed view in all of my recordings. Arlo includes an optional angled plate that allows you to adjust the doorbell in either direction by just a few degrees. It's enough to make a difference, and I still get 180-degree coverage for recording and motion detection. In fact, the recording is done at a 1:1 ratio, i.e. square versus rectangle, so you may record more activity, which could be quite helpful. The Arlo unit has a sleek black and white modern design, which may appeal to many users compared to the metal finish of Ring and others. Recordings are high quality and support Night Vision. The app is full-featured with alerts and the ability to respond by voice as well as the option of sending a quick reply of a prerecorded message. 30 days of recordings are available, if you sign up for their Arlo Smart cloud service. Arlo offers three months free and then it ranges from about $3 to as much as $20 per month.

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Installation is fairly straightforward but it does require wiring. This is curious because Arlo's first products were long-lasting, battery-operated outdoor video cameras. Ring has a battery option for its entry-level model but requires wiring for the higher-end models. The Arlo also requires installation of a compact receiver unit within your home's standard chime unit, whereas Ring does not and even offers plug-in chime boxes which can be used in places like the basement or attic where you might be out of hearing range of the standard chime. 



  • Slim and sleek modern design
  • Quality recording with 180-degree viewing and angled option
  • Quick reply prerecorded message option
  • Night Vision
  • Motion detection and alerts


  • Requires wired installation for doorbell
  • Requires receiver installation within chime unit

Final Verdict

The Arlo Video Doorbell has a sleek modern design that might be a good fit for certain homes.

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