Review: iHome Zenergy Bluetooth Speaker Offers Light & Sound Therapy

The folks at iHome have a wide variety of speakers that offer a variety of features like Qi-based wireless charging, Alexa integration, radio, alarm clock, etc. but they sent me one, the Zenergy Bluetooth Speaker ($35.08) that has none of those features. Still, for many people, the features it does have will be greatly appreciated. It is a Bluetooth speaker that charges via microUSB but that's not what makes it stand out. The Zenergy is designed to help you sleep better. This is accomplished by an impressive 15 distinct sleep sounds. Unlike traditional mechanical sound machines, this plays recorded and engineered sounds and even incorporates a gentle voice guiding you to sleep or a meditative state with yoga-inspired guided breathing. 

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The Zenergy also has four color modes: nightlight, glow, favorite color, and pulse to music. Despite the compact size, about the size of a can of soda, it is best used on your nightstand where it will take up very little space. While the Zenergy can be battery operated for use on-the-go, it lasts for about seven hours, so I would recommend leaving it plugged in so the sleep sounds will last all night.

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The speaker is compact with a soft rubbery touch and, at around $35, it is reasonably priced. but I would like to see Alexa integration. You could connect an Amazon Echo Dot to the Zenergy via Bluetooth, as there is no line in jack. Finally, the all-white design means the buttons are hard to make out, which could be an issue in the dark.


  • Compact with a soft, rubbery touch
  • Four color modes: nightlight, glow, favorite color, and pulse to music
  • 15 Sleep sounds including spoken meditation
  • Reasonably priced
  • Battery operated with around seven hours of audio
  • Carrying strap


  • No Alexa or wireless charging
  • Buttons are hard to make out
  • No line-in audio jack

Final Verdict

If you are need help falling and staying asleep, the Zenergy Bluetooth Speaker from iHome may be able to help.

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