Porsche Chooses Apple CarPlay Over Google’s Android Auto

Apple CEO, Tim Cook recently stated in an interview with NPR that “privacy is a fundamental human right.” And it seems that Porsche agrees as the car company has chosen Carplay over Google's Android Auto for its 2017 911. Apparently, the decision was based on ethical reasons rather than technological differences; Porsche felt Google wanted too much of its customers' data. Apple is also know for data collecting, but within reason and for specific purposes.

According to a recent Motor Trend report, whenever Google’s Android Auto is active, information such as vehicle speed, throttle position, coolant and oil temp, and engine revs would be collected and sent to Google. Porsche reportedly felt Android Auto's data collection could potentially damage the car company’s brand. Especially since Google is said to be developing its own car.

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Apple, on the other hand, just wants to know if the car is moving when Apple CarPlay is active.

To be fair, Google has refuted Motor Trend’s claims, stating that the information collection is optional and the data is only used to enhance driver safety and experience. Whichever the case, the score stands Apple Carplay: 1; Android Auto, 0.

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