iPhone X Pre-order: When, Where & How to Buy Apple's Newest iPhone

The iPhone X is available for pre-order at 12:01 a.m., west coast time, on Friday, October 27. Basically this means you will be staying up very late on October 26. Supplies are expected to be extremely limited, so you'll want to make sure to click Buy the second pre-orders become available to increase the odds of you getting the iPhone X sooner rather than later. Apple retail chief Angela Ahrendts has said that the iPhone X will also be available for purchase in store on November 3, but wouldn't you rather just buy the phone using your Apple Store app instead of waiting in line and hoping they don't run out before you get to the front?

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How to Pre-order the iPhone X

Use the Apple Store app 

The sooner your submit your iPhone X order, the greater the odds you'll complete your order before supplies run out. If the iPhone X is back ordered, you might not be able to get the iPhone until 2018. While you can order the iPhone X via Apple's website, the Apple Store will go offline the night before the pre-orders begin and the Apple Store app will come back online before the website, making it the faster option.

Get the Time and Day Right

Pre-orders start at midnight in California on October 27. Do the math and make sure you know what time that is locally. In the Midwest where iPhone Life is located, that's 2 a.m. On the east coast, that's 3 a.m. So, plan to stay up very late on October 26. 

Make Sure Your Billing Information Is Up to Date

If you haven't ordered anything from Apple in a while, make sure Apple has up-to-date shipping information and a valid credit card number. The easiest way to do this is to put something in your shopping cart at Apple.com and go through the process of purchasing (signing in and verifying your address and credit card information, etc.) right up until the point of no return, at which point you can cancel the order and empty your cart. 

You may also want to let your credit card company know you will be making a big purchase so it doesn't block the transaction.

Know Exactly What You Plan to Order

Are you getting the 64 GB or 256 GB iPhone X? Do you prefer black or silver? Which carrier do you use? Will you need AppleCare+? Knowing all the details of your order ahead of time will help you complete your order faster. You may even be able to select these details in the Apple Store now and then add it to your Favorites in order to make your order go faster.

Refresh the Apple Store App Frequently

There's no way to know the exact moment the Apple Store will come back online. Have your iPhone or iPad unlocked and ready to go before pre-orders start. Know exactly where the Apple Store app is on your device and make sure you're signed in. Close and reopen the app in order to refresh it until the store comes back online. At this point, pull up your Favorites and complete your order as quickly as possible.

Good luck!

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