How to Set Up a HomePod Stereo Pair for AirPlay 2 on iPhone

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iOS 11.4 has made it possible to AirPlay audio content to multiple Apple devices and third-party AirPlay compatible speakers at once, including HomePods and Apple TVs. A really cool outcome of this upgrade, called AirPlay 2, is the ability to set up two HomePods in the same room, sync them, and have them work together to create stereo sound. If you'd like to utilize this new iOS 11.4 AirPlay 2 feature, you'll need to set your HomePods up as a stereo pair. Let's get started learning how to set your HomePods up as a stereo pair right from your iPhone, so you can start enjoying amazing, upgraded audio right away. 

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For this tip to work your iPhone and the HomePods you're pairing will need to be updated to iOS 11.4. Once you've updated:

  • Check to make sure that both HomePods are shown in the same room.
airplay devices
  • Open the Home app, then press and hold HomePod, then tap Details.
how to sync homepods
  • Now tap Create Stereo Pair.
airplay speakers
  • Choose your second HomePod to use as the stereo pair.
airplay devices
  • Tap the HomePod on the right or the left to identify them and make sure they're assigned to the correct channels.
how to set up stereo pair
  • Next, tap Back at the upper-left corner of your display.
  • Tap Done to complete creation of your studio pair.
airplay 2

Now you can use AirPlay 2 to sync songs to your Stereo Pair, enjoy!

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