How to Access the Keypad & Change Audio Output During an Apple Watch Call

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This article will tell you how to access the keypad on your Apple Watch and switch the audio output. If you use your Apple Watch for phone calls, sometimes you'll need to use a keypad or even switch the audio output to a different device such as a speaker or headset. If you're wondering "Where is the keyboard on my Apple Watch?" read on. Here's how to open the keypad and how to change the audio output during an Apple Watch call. 

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How to Access the Apple Watch Phone Keypad & Change Audio Output

  1. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to open the menu.

  2. Tap Keypad to open the keypad.

  3. Tap Audio to switch the audio from your Apple Watch to any nearby connected devices.

With this tip, you'll be able to use your Apple Watch more effectively for calls!

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