How to Move Multiple App Icons at Once on iPhone Home Screen

If you like to download and try out new apps, you know how quickly the Home Screen on your iPhone can become a disorganized mess. We've already gone over how to move apps on the iPhone, as well as how to create app folders; but iOS 11 introduced a cool new trick that makes it easier than ever to rearrange an entire Home Screens of apps at once or drag multiple apps in to a folder at once on your iPhone. Let's get started learning how to quickly and easily get all those app icons where you want them on your Home Screen. 

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If you find that this tip isn't working for you the way it ought to, try turning your iPhone off and on again. I needed to do that the first time too! Also, you need to use two fingers at once for this tip to work.

ios 12 guide - a step-by-step guide to all the new features
  • Long press first app icon that you'd like to move until all the apps on your Home Screen start wiggling, then drag it slightly out of place until the x disappears from the upper left corner. For this example, I chose to move the Amazon Music app.

how to move apps on iphone

  • Keeping your finger on the app, tap another app you'd like to move. The second app will move on top of the first app you selected and are still holding.
  • Keep doing this until you've collected all the apps you want to move onto the first app.

how to rearrange apps on iphoneiphone home screen

  • Drag the stack of apps to a different Home Screen by swiping through the Home Screens with your free hand, rather than moving the stack of apps with the finger touching them. Or add them to a folder by dragging them onto the folder. Release them once they're where you want them to be. For this example, I wanted to move my four apps to another Home Screen page to the right of the current one, so I used a finger on my free hand to swipe from right to left on a blank part of the screen to scroll to the right.  
  • Let go, and all the apps will be released to the new Home Screen page or folder.

rearrange iphone iconshow to move icons on iphone

  • Tap Done.

how do you move apps on iphone

This tip also works with folders, or with a combination of icons and folders. 

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