How to Leave a Group Text on Your iPhone

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Group texts can help keep everyone in the loop, but sometimes the conversation keeps going when you're done and want to stop being notified of what people are texting. Here's how to leave a group text for iOS or iMessage users, and how to mute the conversation if some members aren't using iMessages, like Android users.

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To leave a group text when all members are using iMessage:

You can tell if everyone is using iMessage not just by the blue text bubbles, but also because you'll have the option to leave the conversation and can follow these instructions:
  • Open Messages, then open the group text you want to exit.

  • Tap the top header of the conversation, where the initial bubbles are. 

  • Tap the info icon.

  • Select Leave This Conversation and confirm. 

  • Tap Done.

  • You and others still in the conversation will see you've left the group chat. You won't receive any more messages from this group text.

If you don't see the option to leave, some members may not be using iMessages or iOS devices. You can still mute the conversation to stop receiving notifications from the group text:

To mute a group text with members who don't use iMessages:

  • Open the group text. Tap the top header of the conversation, then tap the info icon.
  • Toggle Hide Alerts to on. Then tap Done.

  • Now next to the conversation, you'll see a moon icon that means it's been muted.

  • You can also swipe left on the group chat from the main Messages screen to select Hide Alerts.


With this tip, you'll be able to direct your attention away from any group texts you want to exit.

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