How to Set a Reminder on Your iPhone or iPad

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It's not hard to lose track of everything you want to do in a day. You can use your Reminders app to create reminders and get an alert to do things at a certain time. We'll show you how to create a reminder and cover some useful features in the Reminders app on your iPhone or iPad.

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To learn more handy app features and shortcuts, consider signing up for our free Tip of the Day. Here's how to set a new reminder in the Reminders app:

  1. Open the Reminders app.

    Tap the Reminders app to open.
  2. Tap New Reminder in the lower-left corner.

    Create a new reminder on iPhone
  3. Add a title to your reminder that tells you what you want to remember, such as "Pay rent."

    Title new reminder
  4. Tap into the Notes section to add notes to your reminder. This is useful if you need some quick instructions or you just want to encourage your future self.

    Add notes to new reminder
  5. Tap List to add this new reminder to an existing list.

    Assign new reminder to list
  6. Select the list you want to add it to and you'll automatically be brought back to the New Reminder screen to continue with your reminder settings.

    Select list for new iPhone reminder
  7. Tap Details to add Date, Time, Location, Priority and other customization options.

    Tap Details
  8. Tap the Date toggle if you'd like to be alerted on a specific day, and select a date using the calendar. 

    Set date for new reminder
  9. Tap the Time toggle to set a specific time of day for the reminder to alert you.

    Set time for new reminder
  10. Tap the Location toggle to set the reminder to go off at or near a specific location.
  11. Within the Location section you'll see icons for several location-based alert options.

    Set location for new reminder
  12. Tap the When Messaging toggle to set the reminder to go off next time you message a certain contact.

    Set new reminder to alert you when messaging someone
  13. Tap the Flag toggle to flag the reminder as urgent. This also adds it to your Flagged reminders Smart List on the Reminders app main screen.

    Flag new reminder
  14. Tap on Priority to add a priority of Low, Medium, or High to the reminder.

    Set new reminder priority
  15. Priority settings don't affect the reminder other than to add one, two, or three exclamation points to it for your own visual reminding, but it can be handy when sorting your Reminders lists by Priority.

    Set new reminder priority
  16. Tap Add Image to add a photo to your reminder.

    Add image to reminder on iPhone
  17. Tap URL to paste a web link into the reminder.

    Add URL link to new reminder on iPhone
  18. Tap Add in the upper-right corner to save your reminder.

    Tap Add to save your new iPhone reminder

Those are the many things you can do with Reminders on your iPhone or iPad! Now you can use the Apple Reminders app to create alerts and stay on top of your to-do list! Next, you may want to check out how to share a to-do list with another person so you can team up and get things done even more quickly, or learn more about location-based reminderssetting a reminder for the next time you message someone, or printing lists straight from the Reminders app.

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