How to Change AirPod Pro Tips for Perfect Fit

Did you know that you can replace your Apple AirPods Pro ear tips? If they get damaged, discolored, feel uncomfortable, or don’t fit well, you can easily replace them! I’ll teach you how to change Airpods Pro tips and how to do the Airpods Pro Fit Test.

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  1. Remove the AirPods Pro Tips.
  2. Pick the Right AirPods Pro Earbuds Rreplacement Tips.
  3. Attach New AirPod Ear Tips.
  4. Take the AirPods Fit Test to Ensure a Comfortable Fit.

1. Remove the AirPods Pro Tips.

Learning how to take off AirPod Pro tips is easy! To do it safely, pull firmly at the base of the ear tip with your fingers. Make sure to pull where the ear tip is attached to the AirPod. Be careful and make sure not to rip or damage it if you plan on using the tip again in the future.

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2. Pick the Right AirPods Pro Earbuds Replacement Tips.

The two things to consider when shopping for Airpod tips are size and material. Standard AirPods Pro ear tips are made from silicone, a common allergen. If you experience itching or inflammation after wearing AirPods, you may be allergic to silicone. 

AirPods Pro foam tips can be a great alternative, and they are available in a fun selection of colors. Just like regular AirPods Pro tips that you can buy directly from Apple, they come in three sizes. When you purchase new AirPods Pro, they come with the medium size already attached and small and large ear tips that you can try if the medium size doesn't fit. I'll talk more about sizing in step 4.

3. Attach New AirPod Ear Tips.

Once you’ve selected the correct AirPods ear tips, you’re ready to attach them! Make sure to align the ear tip with the oval-shaped connector on the AirPod. Then, push the ear tip onto the connector with your fingers at the base. You will hear a click when it’s securely attached. Now you know how to change AirPod Pro tips!

4. Take the AirPods Fit Test to Ensure a Comfortable Fiit.

We hear a lot of people say, "my AirPod Pros won't stay in my ear," or "my AirPods Pro feel loose." You are not alone! An ill-fitting AirPod Pro tip may be responsible for discomfort and poor sound or noise cancellation problems. Luckily, you can easily do an ear tip fit test. To do this:

  1. Put your AirPods in your ears and open Settings on your iPhone or iPad.

    Open Settings - air pod pro tips, earpods pro tips
  2. Tap Bluetooth.

    Tap Bluetooth - earbud tips, airpod pro eartips
  3. Tap the info button next to your AirPods in the list of devices.

    Tap the info button - large ear tips for airpods pro
  4. Select Ear Tip Fit Test.

    Select Ear Tip Fit Test - air pods pro ear tips
  5. Tap Continue.

    Tap Continue - ear tip
  6. Finally, tap the Play button.

    Finally, tap the Play button

The test may suggest adjusting your AirPods or even trying a different ear tip. Once you proceed with adjusting or changing AirPod Pro tips as suggested, try rerunning the test. Keep in mind that you might need a different size in each ear for the best results. AirPods sizing is not intuitive, so try all the sizes and see what works for you. The great thing about this test is that it helps you figure out how AirPods should fit!

Now you know how to make AirPods Pro more comfortable! If none of the sizes feel comfortable, try a different material ear tip, such as foam. Now that you know how to replace AirPod Pro tips. We hope you are now comfortable with your new AirPod Pro earbud tips! Next, find out how long AirPods last and how to improve their battery life!

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