How to Browse Apple Maps Guides by Publisher

An Apple Maps Guide is a collection of top destinations or experiences for a specific location or subject. Curious about the best mountain bike trails near Barcelona? Or the sweetest ice cream shops in San Diego? This information is readily available through iOS Maps Guides. Read on to learn how to plan a trip on Apple Maps using the curated collection of Guides.

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Benefit of Viewing Apple iOS Guides by Publisher

Different travel sites often focus on different aspects of travel experience, and because of this, a specific publisher will likely outshine others at finding the destinations and experiences you’re interested in. I’m personally an avid fan of the Red Tricycle, which excels at finding unique and budget-friendly destinations for families with young kids. And I’ve yet to find a publisher that beats FATMAP at identifying outdoor adventures like the best biking trails and climbing challenges. 

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How to View iOS 14 Guides by Publisher

Whatever your favorites, you can filter by different publishers to view the content that most closely fits your interests. If you're interested in learning more about Apple Maps and the curated Guide collections, consider signing up for our free Tip of the Day. For now, here's how to view Apple iOS Guides by publisher:

  1. Open Apple Maps

  2. Swipe up on the gray card at the bottom of your screen.

  3. Tap See All next to Editor's Picks to view the full list of guides.

  4. Tap to select and open a guide by the publisher you want to view.

  5. Tap the logo of the publisher on the guide cover.

  6. You can scroll through the list with all guides from a specific publisher.

  7. You can also tap one of the listed cities at the bottom of your screen to further refine your search.

Also, if you want to check for a specific publisher you like, a quick shortcut is to tap the card on your main screen and search by publisher name. If this publisher is available on Apple Maps, a button will appear with the number of available guides listed on it. You can then tap to view all guides for the specific publisher.

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