How to Choose More Music You Like in Apple Music on iPhone

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When you first sign up for Apple Music, it tries to get an understanding of what music you’re interested in. But if you want to tweak those selections and expand what music Apple Music selects for you, you can go back and choose more music that you like. Of course, there are other factors as to why Apple Music has selected the song for you that it has, but playing around with this setting in Apple Music will let the service know where your music-listening priorities stand. Here’s how to choose more music you like in Apple Music on iPhone.

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How to Choose More Music You Like in Apple Music on iPhone

Your Apple Music listening history can help inform recommendations, but here's how to go ahead and choose more music you like.

  • Open the Music app.

  • Select the For You tab at the bottom.

  • At the top, tap on the icon that is a person in a circle.

  • Tap Choose Artists For You.

  • Follow the on-screen prompts. First, you’ll tell the service what genres you’re into. Tap on a bubble once to like it, tap twice to love it, and tap and hold to make it disappear. Then tap Next when you’re done.

  • Then it’ll ask about your favorite artists. I find the selection to be very minimal but now you can tap Add an Artist to show Apple Music some of your absolute favorites.

  • Tap Done.

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