Educational Games for Kids: Introducing Monster Math 2

 Introducing Monster Math 2

Monster Math 2 (free) is an educational game for children and a great way to get kids to learn the skill of mathematics in a fun way. The app has more than 40 math skills using the “big four” of addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication. 

The app also includes factors, multiples, and prime number learning. It will also teach your child the best way to remember the times table. The age range is for first through fifth grade kids and you can even change the skill level to suit your child’s learning aspect. A simple toggle of the app and you can play basic level math or move forward to a more advanced level once your child has mastered the basic levels.

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The one standout feature in Monster Math that I liked was the in-depth and detailed report it sends out telling you how your youngster is progressing. Children will spend hours on their smartphones and we don’t get to see how well they arectually doing, or indeed, if they are actually playing the app at all. The report, which comes in the guise of a weekly email, summarizes the progress your little one has made.

Monster Math will excite your child because of the four completely different worlds within the game. And children are always excited by characters – they identify with a character almost like they know them personally – and Monster Math has 23 of them to keep the interest alive.

Another feature I liked was the excellent gameplay and the amount of interaction required on the child’s part. You will not need us to tell you that any child loses interest and concentration on something if all they are doing is listening and watching, they need to be a part of something and Monster Math allows for that.

The app has an excellent soundtrack and brilliant artwork. In fact, your child’s mathematic skills will improve without them even realizing it. The little ones will be so engrossed in exploring new worlds and interacting with the zany characters that won’t even notice adding up and subtracting will come so naturally.

Technology has come a long way since kids were taught math drills at school and told to recite the times table off by heart. This game puts the fun back into learning. Math is a subject we all hated at school and today’s children can actually get to enjoy the topic, rather than despise it. And it’s all down to apps such as this one.


  • Kids will find it entertaining and at the same time educational
  • Great interaction
  • Adults receive results of the child"s progress via email
  • both parents and teachers can use the app to teach


  • App grade category only goes up to fifth grade.

Final Verdict

Really great app to help kids learn. Amazing graphics and great gameplay

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