Calculator App Missing from Control Center in iOS 12? Here’s How to Get It Back

If your calculator app has disappeared from your iPhone (and the Control Center on your iPhone), don’t panic. Beginning with iOS 10, Apple gave users the option to remove Apple stock apps from our Home screens. When the feature first became available, I started deleting every Apple stock app that I didn’t use. In that process, I deleted my free Calculator app, not realizing it would also disappear from my Control Center. A week later, when I needed to use a calculator, I swiped down to open the Control Center, and the calculator had disappeared! I panicked, “how could Apple remove the calculator?” After I emailed, Apple informed me that if I deleted the Calculator app, it would also disappear from my Control Center—thus causing me to look like a buffoon. Oh well, at least I figured out how to get the Calculator app back on my iPhone. Has a similar instance happened to you? If the calculator on your iPhone has disappeared from the Control Center in iOS 12 on your iPhone, here’s how to get it back.

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Where Did My Calculator Go?

When my calculator went missing from my Control Center, I instantly assumed Apple was trying to do something "courageous" along the lines of removing the headphone jack. Luckily not. However, if you went a little overboard deleting all the Apple stock apps like I did, you might have deleted the Calculator app, which will also cause it to disappear from the Control Center as well. Unfortunately, you can’t remove the Calculator app from your iPhone and still have it appear in your Control Center.

It’s also good to mention that some users are wondering why the calculator is missing from their iPads. Unfortunately, the iPad Calculator app can’t disappear because it doesn't exist. Apple doesn't ship iPads with a built-in Calculator app like it does for the iPhone. But you can open the App Store on your iPad and search for a free calculator app to download; it just won’t be the same one as the Apple Calculator app on your iPhone.

iphone calculator

How to Get Back the Calculator App Missing from Control Center

All you need to do is reinstall the app for it to reappear in the Control Center. To do this:

  • Open the App Store.
  • Tap the Search icon on the lower right.

calculator on iphone disappearedfree iphone calculator app

  • Type calculator in the Search field, then tap Search.
  • The calculator you want should say Calculator with Utilities underneath in smaller text and an app icon that looks like the one in the picture below.

calculatorcalculator for free

  • Tap the Cloud icon to reinstall the Calculator app.
  • Swipe up to from the bottom of your iPhone screen to open the Control Center, or down from the upper right corner if you have the iPhone X or XS.

open calculatorcalculator missing from control center

can't find iphone calculator

  • The calculator will be back in its proper place.

Now that your beloved calculator is back, you can hide it in a folder on your Home screen if you’d like to keep it out of sight and out of mind. If you ever need to locate it from the Home screen instead of the Control Center, use the next tip to easily locate the calculator app.

Customize the Control Center

Another possibility is that you accidentally removed the Calculator while customizing your Control Center. If this is the case, it's easily fixed; follow this link to learn how to add and subtract apps from your Control Center. 

How to Quickly Locate Apps like Calculator on iPhone

Sometimes, our apps haven’t disappeared. They’re merely hiding. It’s easy to lose track of your apps, and before you know it, the one you need is buried deep in an iPhone folder. Whether you’re looking for the disappearing calculator app or another app, you can use Search to quickly locate apps without having to scroll through your Home screens or look through folders. To do this:

  • From any Home screen on iPhone, swipe down from the middle.
  • A Search field will appear with recently opened apps.

iphone calculator appwhere is calculator on iphone x

  • Search for the app you’re looking for; in this case, the calculator app.

where is calculator on iphone 8

If the app you’re searching for is on your iPhone, it will appear when you search for it by name.

iPhone Control Center Gone?

Some iPhone users have been recently confused about the Control Center disappearing on the iPhone. I promise it’s still there—the iPhone Control Center is not gone. What’s likely happened is that somehow your Settings were changed (possibly after an iOS update) making it so that you can’t access Control Center from within your apps. You should, however, still be able to access the Control Center from your Home screen on your iPhone. If you can’t access the Control Center even on Home screen, contact Apple Support—it’s likely a bug of some kind. However, you can easily allow the Control Center to open from within apps by changing a setting on your iPhone. To do this:

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Tap Control Center.

missing control center iphonewhere is my control center iphone

  • Toggle on Access Within Apps to allow the Control Center to be opened from within the apps you’re using.

find control center iphone

With this turned on, you should be able to open the Control Center at any time and from any place on your iPhone.

Top Image Credit: Jeramey Lende / Shutterstock
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