Best Music Apps: Top Picks for Music Streaming & Creation

Every year the iPhone Life team gathers their favorite apps to share with our readers. As a lifelong lover and creator of music, I am excited to share with you my favorite apps for making and streaming music. If you need a speaker that pairs well with these apps, I have also suggested one of my favorites. Download these apps and get started making your own music and discovering new songs!

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Best Apps for Making Music

Endlesss – Multiplayer Music (Free)

This brand-new app lets people collaboratively create music together. While simple and easy to use, the live participation aspect of this app is truly groundbreaking.

Figure (Free)

This music-making app is perfect for people who know nothing about music theory. Once you learn the basics, you’ll be crafting engaging electronic music within minutes.

GarageBand (Free)

Free with any Apple device, GarageBand is deceptively robust. This often-overlooked app lets you record multitrack songs on the go and add beats, synths, and strings with ease.

Koala Sampler ($3.99)

Koala is the ultimate pocket sampler. Record any sound with your device’s microphone, then turn it into a beat, add effects, and build a track in minutes.

Best Apps for Music Streaming

Spotify (Free)

I’ve been a subscriber and daily user for over a decade. With its clean layout and weekly customized playlists, it’s the best service out there, whether you listen free or pay $9.99/month for premium.

Apple Music ($9.99/month)

With pre-made playlists based on your favorite artists, unique radio shows hosted by celebrities, and Siri compatibility, Apple Music is a strong Spotify competitor. However, there are a few glitches that can make your experience less enjoyable, learn to troubleshoot Apple Music issues to listen without the stress.

Bandcamp (Free)

Bandcamp is the easiest way to listen to local artists and lesser-known bands. It pays artists better rates than other apps, so it’s a good way to show support for local musicians.


IDAGIO is the ideal way to stream classical music. Whether you’re a buff or a beginner, this app makes it super easy to find classical and chamber music to fit your mood.

Radiooooo (Free)

This free app is the perfect companion for exploring world music. Just choose a decade, a country, and a mood, and you’re instantly streaming music from that time and place. 

SoundCloud (Free)

Boasting over 120 million tracks, SoundCloud is a great way to hear new music from emerging artists, rare live sets, and thoughtfully crafted mixes for any occasion.

Favorite Music Gear

Marshall Uxbridge Voice ($179.99)

This smart Wi-Fi speaker is perfect for listening anywhere in the house. Designed to look and feel like Marshall’s iconic vintage amplifiers, this small speaker has surprisingly good audio quality, volume, and tone. It also works neatly with Amazon Alexa, allowing voice control of all major music streaming services.

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