Beautiful Apple Watch Bands for Under $50

You’ve already spent a pretty penny on the Apple Watch, but you want to buy a different wristband too. The sport band that comes with the Apple Watch sport edition is great and easy to put on, but it’s missing the classic, minimalist style I so cherish. Yet, both Apple and third-party watch bands tend to be around $75 on the low-end and can reach over $250: you’ve got to be kidding. That’s why I set out to build a list of beautiful, classy, and/or radical Apple Watch bands you can buy for under $50.

Oittm 42mm Stainless Steel Wrist Band ($27.99)

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For that seriously professional look, this chunky metal wrist band is perfect. The price varies slightly depending on the size, color, and availability of the band you choose, but all sizes and matching colors are listed. Reviews for the product are overwhelmingly positive; you simply can’t beat it for the price.


Silicone Apple Sport Band ($11.99)

Do you enjoy the look and feel of your sport band but need more color options? Here’s a great option. Get a great copycat in orange, red, turquoise, blue, white, and black. Reviewers note that it’s a near perfect copy but is slightly thinner than Apple’s version.


3-in-1 Apple Watch Leather Cuff Band ($39.99)

Like the Hermes look? Get all three version of the Hermes band in one purchase and for a fraction of the price. Whether you want to show off a double tour band or rock a cuff, this $40 3-in-1 band can do. It’s available in multiple colors from coffee to light green and comes in either the 38mm and 42mm size.


42mm Paracord Apple Watch Strap ($11.99)

For the practical Apple Watch user, there’s a watch strap made of paracord available. Get it in multiple color variations— you never know when you might need the material your band is made out of. The downside? It appears to only be available in 42mm.


Gift Set iPhone case + Apple Watch Band Leather With Adapter ($48.99)

Get a matching iPhone case and Apple Watch band for under $50 from HitaDesign Etsy shop. There’s quite a few different patterns available, so be sure to check out the full store. The bands are available in both sizes and are generally really fun and unique. Don't forget to learn how to remove and change your Apple Watch band correctly and safely. Let's be honest, Apple Watch bands can get a little funky when worn regularly; check out these tips on how to clean bands created by Apple or third-party sellers. Plus, don't forget to check out the Apple Watch band size article to make sure you get the right fit!

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