5 Free Games I Can’t Stop Playing

I rarely review games because the options are too endless and trying them out involves a lot of free time. However, I have slowly but surely built up a reservoir of my go-to games when I have a spare minute and want to play. I’ve played all of these games far more than I care to admit and I recommend you join me.


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I love this game. Perhaps partially because I’ve reached number five on the Game Center top scores board, but I challenge you to beat me. The game is fairly simple: balls are popped out in either direction. Your job is to tilt your screen using the game’s gravity-based game-play while keeping the balls from being snatched up by the columns on either end of your screen. Keep as many balls in play as possible by rolling them into open slots; as you do, you start to level up and colored rings appear to make your balls worth more points.



Okay, I lied a litte. Adaline isn't free, but it's easily worth the $0.99. Adaline is an adventure game of stealth, skill, and cats. It’s made of 40 levels wherein you must use your cat friends to help you sneak through the forest and get to the castle. It involves strategy and a little luck as you avoid wolves, snakes, and foxes along your trail. I beat the game in a few days, but I wish there was a part 2 so I could keep playing.


The Pit

Help Flint and his friends run, jump, and slide through The Pit. Part of what makes this game so addictive is its simplicity. You need one hand and one finger to play; you tap once to jump and hold your finger on the screen to slide. The more you play, the more alternative characters you can unlock by gathering gold coins. Your only job to stay alive and keep running as you avoid obstacles high and low.



This game is a serious smash web hit, and it’s just as fun on mobile. You’re a little cell, moving through an ocean of cells, and it’s eat or be eaten. What makes this game fun (and infuriating) is that you’re playing against real people in real time. As you collect matter to grow larger, you must also avoid being swallowed by larger cells. Luckily, the smaller you are the faster you move, but large cells can split and use the momentum to devour you. Needless to say, it makes me so angry I have to play it over and over and over again.



This game is all about precision. You're a miniature robin hood who needs to swing from platform to platform. Your character draws back a rope and you must tap the screen when it’s the right length to swing to the next platform. Some platforms allow some room for error while others require you’re nearly perfect to survive. It’s a perfect commercial break game because you’re guaranteed to die.


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