4 Best Apps for Journaling

How we journal and keep diaries has changed along with technology. I remember when voice-command password protected journals were all the rage, but as the Internet grew in scope, LiveJournal took over. Now, apps are the most convenient and often consistent way to keep a journal. It’s likely with you at all times since you have your phone, and most journal apps allows you to include pictures for further personalization. I looked through dozens of available journal apps; here’s my list of the four best apps for journaling.

Day One ($4.99)

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Likely the most well-known journaling app on our list, I’d be remiss not to include it. The app has won multiple awards across platforms and is beloved particularly for its ability to sync all entries across the cloud and thusly across all your devices. There are a lot of great features encompassed in Day One including an Apple Watch version with voice dictation. A drawback of the app, recently brought to my attention, is the fact that you can attach only one photo to each entry which isn’t ideal for photo-centric journalers. However, the company behind Day One recently released a follow up: Day One 2 ($4.99). The sequal allows up to ten photos attached to an entry and gives the option to have multiple different journals with unique colors and names. 


little memory (Free)

Featured as an iTunes Staff Pick, little memory is a minimalists perfect journaling app. The app restricts you to short entries with the ability to add a photo and location. You can mark your favorite entries and receive morning notifications with inspirational words from yourself. A particularly unique feature of the app is the ability to see insights of words used and emotions graphed over time.


Grid Diary (Free)

Grid Diary is a unique way of journaling daily. Instead of a single entry you’d fill as though it were a blank page, Grid Diary is a literal grid with various inspiration prompts. From a long list of possibilities, you get to choose the questions you want to answer for your diary. If you’re the type of person that doesn’t know where to begin when journaling or experiences writer’s block, Grid Diary makes the process more efficient by asking specific questions such as, “What Did I Eat Today?” and, “What Am I Grateful For?” You can also sync entries to the cloud and attach multiple photos to entries.  


Gratitude Journal ($2.99)

Gratitude Journal brings a positive focus to your daily diary. Using the principles of positive psychology, the app prompts you to write down the five best things that made you happy throughout your day. It encourages you to do this everyday for at least three weeks and see how the shift in your perception affects your overall happiness. Featured on NPR, USA Today, and Oprah, it’s a great way to take account of your day while rewiring your brain.


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