How to Turn Off Push Notifications for a Particular App on the iPhone

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If you don’t want constant notifications from Facebook or a guilty pleasure game (cough, cough, Candy Crush), there are two ways to adjust the settings for your app notifications. The first way is to access the app’s settings. The second way is through the notification settings on your device. These notifications are called push notifications because your iPhone alerts you of the notification even if you aren’t using the app. You can selectively choose which apps are allowed to send you notifications and which apps can wait until you have time to check them. Here’s how to turn off push notifications for a particular app on iPhone.

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How to Turn Off Push Notifications for a Particular App

  • Open Settings.

  • Tap Notifications and scroll down to the last section.

  • There will be a list of all the apps on your iPhone. Once here, tap on the app that you want to modify. You can edit all of the permissions the app is allowed.

  • You can choose to revoke all notifications by turning off Allow Notifications.

  • Or you can choose how the app notifies you: Show in Notification Center, Sounds, Badge App Icon, and Show on Lock Screen.

  • You can also choose what kind of notifications you get under Alert Style When Unlocked.

The second method is to open the app itself, navigate to settings, and select Notifications. Doing so will take you to the same page as seen above.

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