How to Let Senders Know You Have Read Their iMessage on iPhone

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Read receipts notify the senders of iMessages when the recipient reads the message. This is either great or evil depending on your perspective. My colleague and his wife both have read receipts turned on on their phones. That way if a timely iMessage doesn't get read right away, they can call each other instead. Other people prefer that the senders of messages not get notified. That way there is no pressure for an immediate reply. Whichever camp you fall in, you'll need to know how to to turn read receipts on or off.

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*This tip covers how to turn read receipts on and off for all of your iMessages, but you can also turn on read receipts for specific conversations only. Check out our tip on that here.

How to Turn Read Receipts On or Off

  • Open the Settings app.

  • Tap Messages

  • Toggle Send Read Receipts on to let senders know you’ve read their iMessage.

  • Toggle Send Read Receipts off to turn the notification off.

Now you control whether senders know you've read their messages or not. Learn how to know if someone read your message on iPhone.

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