How to Search for a Particular Reminder on Your iPhone

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I use the Reminders app on my iPhone quite a bit. I’ll create a reminder to pick up my dry cleaning, to buy my cousin a birthday present, or to pay a bill. When I create Reminders, I usually set them to remind me on a certain day, at a certain time. But if I need to make a change to one reminder among many, manually shuffling through them is a pain. For example, I made a Reminder to “pay a fee for the school trip” my son was going on. I forgot what the fee amount was and needed the information before the due date. Instead of tapping each folder and scrolling through them to find it, I simply accessed the Reminders search field. Here’s how to search for a particular reminder on iPhone.

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How to Search for a Particular Reminder on Your iPhone

  • Open the Reminders app.

  • Make sure all the Reminder folders are visible (by tapping at the very bottom of the screen).

  • At the top of the folders view, a search field is visible.

  • Type the subject you are looking for; it’s easiest if you can remember some keywords in the Reminder. So for my son’s school fee, I might type “school fee.”

  • Find and tap on the Reminder.

*iOS 11 beta screenshots may appear slightly different but instructions should be the same.

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