How to Split Screen on iPhone: Every Option

What to Know

  • Split screen for iPhone currently isn't an option except in the form of Picture in Picture.
  • The Dynamic Island offers some quick app switching on the iPhone 14 Pro and later.
  • iPhone multitasking can also be accomplished by using the app switcher.

iPhone split screen is a feature not currently available except in the form of Picture in Picture, but that doesn't mean you can't multitask. While investing in an iPad might be worth it depending on your multitasking needs, you do have some options to compensate for the lack of split screen on iPhone.

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How to Split Screen on iPhone

Split screen is not currently available on iPhone, but there are some ways you can multitask efficiently. Here is how to do split screen-like activities on your iPhone.

Use Picture in Picture

how to split screen on iphone

Picture in Picture is a feature that lets you keep a video window playing while you navigate to other windows on your iPhone. You can use it for things like FaceTime, Netflix, Apple Music, and more. Just swipe away from the screen while a video is playing in a PiP-enabled app and that video will continue to play in a corner of your iPhone. You can drag and drop it to reposition, resize it with your fingers, or tap it to return to that app screen.

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Utilize the App Switcher

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The app switcher is a handy tool many of us forget about. While it doesn't offer split screen functions, it does let you swipe through open apps to select which one you want to pull up. Just swipe up from the bottom of your Home Screen or app for a list of currently open apps. You can also swipe left or right on the bottom of your screen when you have an app open to switch to another open app.

Take Advantage of the Dynamic Island

split screen iphone

The Dynamic Island is a feature available on the iPhone 14 Pro line and the entire iPhone 15 line that basically minimizes certain running apps and allows you to return to them quickly just by tapping the little bar at the top of your screen. While it's a far cry from a split screen on your iPhone, it does make navigating back and forth between apps very easy. However, not every app appears in your Dynamic Island, so you'll want to combine it with the app switcher if you're juggling apps.

Consider Investing in an iPad

If you're really looking for powerhouse multitasking on your Apple device, you might want to consider buying an iPad. While the iPhone is an excellent swiss army knife of functions, it can't compare to iPad mulitasking capabilities. While we always hope to see iOS functionality grow, split screen on your phone is never going to compare with having a whole (or split) iPad screen to work with.


  • Can you split screen on iPhone? It's not possible to fully split screen on iPhone, but Picture in Picture allows you to keep a video playing on a portion of your screen with compatible apps.
  • How do you multitask on an iPhone? You can multitask on your iPhone by using Picture in Picture, the app switcher, or the Dynamic Island.
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