Enter to Win a Free Apple Watch from iPhone Life!

As you read this, Apple has already begun shipping legions of shiny new Apple Watches to eager fans around the globe. For all of you at home, poring over early reviews and the variety of styles online, it's time to enter iPhone Life's contest for a chance to win your very own Apple Watch!

Here's how it works:

Every time you share the contest on Facebook, Twitter, or via email you’ll get additional entries into the contest. But we're not stopping there—we're giving away not one, but two Apple Watches!

If you share this contest with a friend who goes on to win an Apple Watch, you win an Apple Watch too just for referring them! In a nutshell: if one of the friends you shared your link with wins an Apple Watch, you win an Apple Watch too! 

The contest ends May 15, and it only takes 10 seconds to join. Click the contest link right now to enter: iphonelife.com/giveaway/applewatch/enter/?PK=CT0005

Enjoy reading fine print? Check out the official rules here: iphonelife.com/OfficialRules/AppleWatchGiveaway


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Author Details

Donna Schill

Donna Schill is the Editor in Chief of iPhone Life magazine and is a journalist specializing in producing multimedia content. Aside from managing the editorial team at iPhone Life, Donna co-hosts the iPhone Life Podcast, teaches online iPhone educational courses, and enjoys reporting on live Apple events. Donna began her career as a newspaper reporter before joining the iPhone Life team, where she pairs her penchant for storytelling with her love of Apple products. 

Donna holds a master's degree from the University of Iowa School of Journalism & Mass Communication and earned her undergraduate degree in Media & Communications from Maharishi International University. Her writing has appeared in the Cedar Rapids Gazette, Little Village Magazine, Iowa Center for Public Affairs Journalism, the Fairfield Ledger, and the Iowa Source, and she was a researcher for American journalist Claire Hoffman's memoir, Greetings from Utopia Park. She is also the host and executive producer of a feminist podcast, Thread the Needle (theneedle.co).