Tip of the Day: How to Remove Your Location From Instagram Photos

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I love Instagram because of it's fun visual nature. I can scroll through my friend's pictures, quickly double-tap to like, and even leave a comment if I want to. What I don't love about Instagram is how easy it is to accidentally add location information (longitude and latitude of the device you're posting from) to your photos, which can be dangerous—especially for teens who are using the social media network. Here's how to remove your location from Instagram photos. 

1. Navigate to your Instagram profile by clicking the icon all the way to the right of the bottom toolbar. Then click the map icon (circled in red below).


2. You'll see a map with groups of your photos. Here, you can see images I added to my account while in Hawaii, Arizona, and New York. By tapping the icon that's circled in red (below), you can quickly select and delete these groups of pictures from public view. 

Instagram photo map

3. Once the images are displayed, you'll need to tap "Deselect all." 

Delete photos from your Instagram photomap

4. Then confirm that you'd like to remove the geotags (locations) from your Instagram photo map. This will permanently remove all of the location data from your previous photos from your Instagram account. It will not remove the photos from your account—just the location data. 

Delete geotags from Instagram

5. Instagram shows your your photo map so you can confirm the change. There should be no visible pictures. 


As I mentioned before, this change will affect all of your previous Instagram photos. To turn off your location sharing data for future photos, find the "Add to Photo Map" option (circled in red below) when uploading your next Instagram photo and slide it to off. 

Turn off Instagram location data

Note: To name the location you're at, you'll have to keep the "Add to Photo Map" feature turned on.  

Top image credit: Kunal Mehta / Shutterstock.com

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