Tip of the Day: How to Add a Comment in Pinterest

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There are several reasons why you might want to edit a pin description. Maybe you'd like to add your comments about a recipe, mention another way to do a step in the DIY project that you found easier, or even just make a note for yourself that you have already tried that pin. The reasons are plentiful. Here's how to edit a pin description in Pinterest. 

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1. Tap the pin you'd like to repin to one of your boards. I chose an iPhone Life pin titled, "Tip of the Day: How to Set Triple Click Shortcuts."

Hoe to edit a pin description

2. To repin that image, tap and hold your finger on the pin. I drew a red circle where I held my finger. After holding your finger there, you'll see three options: repin, heart (do this when you like something), and send. Slide your finger toward the repin icon to choose repin. 

Tap and hold to repin

3. You'll be prompted to choose a board to repin to. Before choosing a board, you can edit your pin description. Tap the text that's currently the pin description. 

How to repin on Pinterest

4. The text will highlight and you can change it. 

Highlight image text

5. I added text in front of what was already there, making my pin a bit more personal. I also tagged iPhone Life by adding an @ symbol in front of their Pinterest username. When finished, I tapped "done."

Change image text

6. I'm prompted to choose a board again. Your most recent boards will always be shown at the top of your list under "Quick Picks" and an alphabetical list of your boards can be found under "All Boards" below. Tap the board you'd like to pin to. 

Choose a Pinterest board

You've done it! 

Top image credit: Dr. Cloud / Shutterstock.com

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