Views on Top: Find the Best Views around the World with This App

Views on Top (free) is an app where you can locate the best scenic experiences from around the world. People who love travel also adore the opportunity to take a good photograph or two. Some of the world’s best scenic locations are on here.


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All of the tourist attractions and famous lookout points are featured here. It is still developing, so you won't be able to see every great look out point on here just yet. But the well-known ones certainly are featured here extensively and with an informative list of information next to each spectacular view.

Many of the locations are tourist places which will be closed at certain times and on particular days. This app will tell you how you can contact the restaurant owners, tourist attraction staff, or any local guides that might be looking after the place.

If you are planning a holiday and want to know where you’ll be able to check out a great view, this app should tick so many boxes. There is also a facility to book hotel rooms and travel tickets within the app itself. 


  • Adding your very own photos and images to some of the scenic destinations, and get your name next to your picture when you do so
  • Makes it simple and straightforward to book tickets in advance to popular attractions, with the time and date of your visit and a guarantee you’ll be getting the best price.
  • Opening times, open days and contact details can be easily found next to every view.
  • Has a comprehensive list of places where you can see a great view.


  • Next to each scenic location it displays a number of confusing symbols; some are of a jumping human, a pair of binoculars or glasses, a figure walking up a hill, or something like a glass of wine and a dinner plate. I guess with some study, one could work out what they all mean, but there are too many of them and this confuses the app user.
  • Many of the locations can easily be booked online through the individual websites rather than on the app itself. Although it does offer the adrenalin junkie a number of new ideas and places to go. 

Final Verdict

Views from the top of any high building are usually amazing. To have an app that shows you what it looks like I think is a bonus. Plus the app is free, so why not?

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