Use Contacts to store tech support,
 banking, and other information

You can use Contacts to store more than names and phone numbers. You can store information about your credit cards, calling cards, bank accounts, online log-in and passwords, travel clubs, insurance policies, and more.

Let’s say you wanted to enter information about your Capital One Visa card. You’d open a New Contact, leave the First/Last names blank, enter the Company as “Capital One Visa,” and fill in the phone number, e-mail address, and other information. The last step would be to tap on Add Field at the bottom of the New Contact screen and select Note at the bottom of the Add Field screen (you may have to scroll down). In the Note field you can enter the Visa card number, PIN number, and other information. Save everything. “Capital One Visa” will now appear, alphabetized, in your All Contacts list.

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