Top Email Tips: 12 Ways to Use Apple's Mail App

Next to making calls and sending text messages, composing emails is probably one of the most-used functions on your iPhone and iPad. Thanks to the Mail app, you can (for better or worse) access your email at all times of the day, meaning you never miss that important message from your boss at work or greeting from your friend across the globe. But did you know the Mail app offers so much more than the ability to compose simple messages? Here’s a collection of our favorite email-related tips so you can start taking full advantage of Apple’s Mail app.


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1) Use Siri to Send Emails

Siri can do a lot of things, including help you reply to emails. To send an email, simply tell Siri to send an email to one of your contacts. For example, “Send an email to Crystal.” Siri will prompt you for the email Subject and then ask you what you want to say in the body of your email. If you want to change anything, simply say “change subject,” “add,” or “change message.” If you’re satisfied, say “Yes.” or tap Send.


2) Move, Delete, and Mark Multiple Emails at a Time

To mark, move, or delete multiple emails at a time, go to your inbox and tap Edit in the upper right corner. Tap on each email to select it. Once you have all the emails you want selected, tap Mark, Move, or Trash. Tapping Mark will let you flag the email, mark it as read, or move it to junk. Tapping Move will bring up a list of folders to which you can move the email. Tapping Trash will delete the selected emails.

If you mistakenly mark an email as junk, move an email to the wrong folder, or delete the wrong email, just shake to undo.


3) How to Add Attachments in Mail

Did you know you can add all types of attachments to emails in the Mail app using the iCloud Drive app (free)? To do this, open the Mail app and start a new message. Double tap the screen to bring up your options. Tap the arrow and select Add Attachment. Your iCloud Drive will open. Select the file you want to attach.


4) Remove Email Autofill Suggestions

If an incorrect email continues to appear as a suggestion in the To field when you're composing a message, there's an easy way to remove it. Compose your email and begin typing in the address you want removed. When the suggestion appears, tap the blue, circular information icon next to it. Select Remove from Recents.


Did you know that email addresses are not case sensitive? That means it doesn't matter if you write it in all caps!

5) Swipe Email Drafts Out of the Way Temporarily

If you're working on an email but need to reference another email in your imbox, you can easily swipe away a draft and then bring it back into view afterwards to continue working on it. Just tap and hold on the title of the email you're working on and then drag down toward the bottom of the screen. It disappears from view except for the title. To bring the draft email back into view, simply tap on the title of the email and it will pop back into view.


6) Save an Email as a Draft

If you started typing a new email but you’ve decided to finish it later, all you have to do is tap Cancel in the top left and then tap Save Draft. The draft will be saved under Drafts in whichever account you're currently using or whichever one you’ve designated as your default email account in Settings. You can pick up where you left off in the email whenever you are ready.


7) Print Emails

Printing emails directly from your iPhone is a feature many users don't realize they have. Assuming you have an AirPrint-compatible printer, you can print emails from your iPhone by first going to Mail and opening the email you want to print.Tap the reply arrow at the bottom of the page and select Print. This will take you to Printer Options. From here, you can choose the page range that is printed, how many copies you want, and select the AirPrint-compatible printer you want to print your email from. 


8) Create Different Signatures for Separate Email Accounts 

If you have more than one email account connected to your Mail app, you can create different signatures for those separate accounts by going to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Signature. If you have only one account connected, all you will see is the box for typing in your signature. However, if you have multiple accounts, you’ll see the option to select Per Account. Do this. Your multiple accounts will appear, each with its own box for your Signature.


9) Quote Text in Your Email Reply

When you receive an email, sometimes you want to reply to a specific portion of what the sender wrote. Here’s a little-known tip that makes it easy to select a portion of an email and reply to it. To do this, open the email you want to reply to. Select the portion of text you want to quote. Tap Reply. A new email will begin with only that section copied in your reply.


10) Mark Up Image Attachments in Mail App

When you attach a photo to your email, you can also mark up the photo. It’s easy to do, and perfect for sending photos between friends with small notes or funny markups, as well as photos with added text or your signature. Just insert a photo in the body of the email (by tapping the white space and selecting Insert Photo or Video) and then tap and hold the photo. Select Markup from the options listed. In the photo editor you can sketch with your finger, view sections in zoom, add text, and include your signature. 

We hope you'be learned some useful tips! Next, learn how to set up a reminder to send an email or to schedule an email to be sent at a later time with iOS 16!

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