Top 3 Alternatives to Your iPhone's Contacts App

 Top 3 Alternatives to Your iPhone's Contacts App

If you've ever wondered how to delete multiple contacts on iPhone or how to create groups of contacts (hint: it requires a computer), then you know the iOS Contacts app that comes with your iPhone has a few shortcomings. For the casual user, these shortcomings may be no more than an inconvenience; but for power users who manage hundreds or thousands of business contacts, these shortcomings may be deal breakers. If that sounds like you, here are three great alternatives to Apple's Contacts app.

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1. Addappt 


Addappt (free) automatically updates contacts' information for you, remembers your preferred method of contacting each person, allows you to created customized notifications for each contact, and perhaps most importantly, the app lets you create contact groups right on your iPhone. This app stands out from the other apps on this list because of its 3D Touch and Apple Watch integration.

2. Connect

With Connect (free), users can easily create groups and color code them for easy management. This qpp stands out for its swipe-to-contact feature and the ability to apply multiple filters when searching contacts.

3. FullContact


Perhaps the most comprehensive contact management app on the list, FullContact (free) lets you easily merge contacts, tag contacts for custom sorting, sync contacts across devices, and add notes to contact profiles. Users who sign up for the premium service can sync contacts from multiple email and social media accounts, scan contact info directly from business cards, and more. 



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