Review: ZOZOSUIT the 3D Body Scanner for Fitness Tracking

For many of us, the biggest struggle when it comes to fitness is the lack of motivation. I experience this the most when I feel like I'm working hard but not seeing the results. That is where ZOZOSUIT stands out from other fitness trackers and gadgets because one quick scan gives us the literal full picture in the form of a 3D body scan.

What is the ZOZOSUIT?

The ZOZOSUIT consists of a stretchy shirt and pants that are made out of polyester and polyurethane. The suit itself does not have any electrical components—it requires the ZOZOFIT app (free) to complete the scan. The ZOZOSUIT costs $98.00 (plus tax) with free domestic shipping, and they often have promotion codes on their website. You do not need to pay for a subscription to use the app or track your ZOZOSUIT scans.

How Does ZOZOSUIT Work?

The ZOZOSUIT is covered in circles, as pictured below. These are scanned by the app to take measurements of your body. The suit comes with a cardboard stand for your phone so that you can place it on the ground and follow the voice commands to get your full-body scan. The app will guide you through the entire process, telling you if you need to stand farther away or closer and prompting you to pose a certain way or turn at the correct angle. Once you get the hang of it, it only takes a minute or less to do the full body scan.

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Before each scan, you need to input your height and weight, and the app does the rest. The ZOZOFIT app measures the length of your shoulders and the circumference of your upper arms, chest, waist, hips, thighs, and calves. You can also turn your 3D scan around to see how your body actually looks, which I find really interesting. It is very different from looking in a mirror or at photos of yourself because you see the exact outlines and measurements in a clear and unique way.

Every time you complete a scan, your results will be compared to your previous scan(s). You can see your full body comparison or focus on a particular body part. When looking at your full 3D body scan, you will see color-coded measurements. Blue is little-to-no change, yellow is a gain, and green is a loss. You will also see your overall body fat percentage which will also be either blue, yellow, or green.

My Experience with ZOZOSUIT

I really enjoyed taking my first ZOZOSUIT scan, and I swore I'd do it every week, but life got in the way, and I was painfully aware that I was gaining weight without needing a 3D body scan to remind me. However, I finally decided to take a look at how my body had changed during this time, and while I had gained weight, it was an overall positive surprise. Plus, every scan boosts my motivation to work on my body.

What I really like about the ZOZOSUIT is that it lets me see my full-body picture because I'm not only trying to lose weight, I'm also trying to gain muscle. Even a smart scale that shows muscle mass and body water is very vague in comparison to the ZOZOSUIT because it tells you one number for your entire body. The ZOZOSUIT, on the other hand, can clearly tell you which body parts have changed and how.

When I did my first scan, I ended up doing my own measurements against the app. It wasn’t perfectly accurate, as expected. According to ZOZOFIT, their margin of error is up to ¼ of an inch, which seems a lot more accurate than human error, especially since you have to measure in the exact same place every time for it to be correct. I wouldn’t use the ZOZOFIT to send measurements to a tailor, but I can definitely rely on it telling me if I have gained or lost inches on my body.


  • A 60-second scan shows you ten body measurements, a body fat percentage, and a clear 3D image of how your body really looks.
  • After the first scan, you can see the changes to all your body parts at a glance.
  • You can track your fitness journey comprehensively and see exactly how the choices of foods and exercises you make impact different muscle groups, body parts, and your overall body.
  • Unlike many other fitness gadgets, the accompanying app is free to use without a paid subscription.
  • It is motivating to see positive changes in parts of your body that may not be reflected in your overall progress.


  • There is a learning curve to putting the suit on correctly and completing the scan without a hitch.
  • There is a margin of error.

Final Verdict

Out of every fitness gadget I have purchased in the last three years, the ZOZOSUIT has been the most valuable in understanding how my body responds to food and exercise. It is also easier to stay motivated when an unwanted movement on the scale only reflects a small change in my overall physique. Or, if after a lot of hard work, the scale stays the same, but the ZOZOFIT app shows a positive change in a specific area that I focused on.

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