Review: Swipe Dial Is the Fastest Way to Place a Call


Speed dialing is important if you call a large number of people on your contacts list regularly. It may be family, friends, or business contacts, but you want to be able to contact them quickly and without having to search for their number.

Swipe Dial (free) is the speed-dial widget that gives you an opportunity to quickly swipe to make a phone call and sit back while it connects. There is no need to go back to the Home screen, no need to search for Phone app, no need to sift through the alphabet until you reach the desired contact, and no requirement to tap to call.

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All you need do is swipe through the Speed Dial Widget icon and a list will of your most frequent contacts will appear. If you like, you can add images to the people you phone regularly, so tapping the picture instantly connects you to that person.

There is no need to limit your contacts to the name of the person listed on your address book. Let’s say you want the nicknames or mom and dad in there, no problem. But be warned, if you go for the free version, you’ll get to add a measly three contacts before the app demands payment to unlock more.

The upgrade does unlock unlimited contacts however. The widget (which you can find in the Today view of the Notification Center) displays the top three contacts you’ll have decided to use on speed dial and simply by touching any one of those people the screen will take you to that person’s details.

At this stage you can email, phone, or text the person by touching the relevant icon and away you go. Setting up your contacts is easy. Simply edit the contacts you want to use on speed dial and the rest is simple.

Swipe Dial is handy for those with a large address book and just a few people they dial regularly. It is also handy for small business owners .

It’s a small app, developed by a small business, but it’s not cluttered, awkward, or confusing and does pretty much what it says it will.


  • Easy to use and set up.
  • Make Phone call from any screen


  • Having to upgrade to get more than three contacts.

Final Verdict

Even though the app is free to download, it does start demanding payment after you add three contacts. Now, anyone with a phone will have more than three contacts, so I have issues with that. You should get at least 10 free contacts before having to upgrade. The app is simple and easy to use and worth a try.

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