Review: The Little Prince - Bubble Pop Journey

 The Little Prince - Bubble Pop Journey

Every now and again you need a simple but challenging game to play while on your commute to work or if you're just having a relaxing Sunday. The Little Prince - Bubble Pop Journey (free) game for iOS is a puzzler that involves matching three bubbles of the same color to eliminate them. The app is based on the film, The Little Prince, which is an adaptation of the book by Antoine de Saint Exupéry. In the film the mother imposes strict rules on her daughter, so she can pass the entrance exam to get enroll in a prestigious school.


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The Little Prince app allows you to play with characters of the film and no rules are imposed. It's a bubble shooter game, which, with a bit of accuracy and patience allows the player to progress through the levels. There are 150 levels going through 9 different beautiful scenes, from desert to greenery and through the little girl's neighborhood. The game is for all ages and it's fun and easy to play. The first two levels start off by you simply shooting the bubbles to match up three or more of the same colors to eliminate them. Clearing up bubbles earns you points and step forward to completing the level. Once you start progressing further you will need to bounce bubbles off the wall to get them to hit in the right place, this is where the accuracy comes in. The challenges varies from level to level, one minute you will be freeing stars, the next you will have only a limited number of shoots to complete a level. You have five lives to work with; if you fail to complete a level you lose a life. Lose all five lives and you will have to wait at least 30 minutes to gain one (this is where patience comes in), or you can top up with stars that you have collected. Another way to gain lives is to watch videos, which, I presume, are ads. 

The Little Prince game is vibrant and fun. The graphics are amazing for a free game and you are guaranteed to have hours of gameplay. You can get power ups and different features to give your bubbles an extra boost.


  • Fun and long gameplay hours
  • Free, no need to spend any money at all
  • Great for work commute


  • In-app purchases. Quite a few developers tend to include this and I am not a fan at all. The app should be either free or cost money.
  • Need to wait to gain lives

Final Verdict

If you need a game to keep you or the kids entertained for hours, then give The Little Prince - Bubble Pop Journey a go. You will find yourself immersed in a magnificent 3D world with beautiful colors.


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