How to View Apple Watch Activity Trends on Your iPhone

Activity Trends in the Fitness app allow you to make decisions about your health and habits in an informed and detailed way. Here's how to use the different Trends sections and the information they provide.

The Activity app tracks and records all your Apple Watch workouts, including steps taken and time standing, but it does much more than that. Beginning with iOS 13 and now improved with iOS 14, it also offers a big-picture view of your health with Trends and Highlights. It learns your activity habits and offers tailored suggestions just for you. Let’s take a look at how to use Trends to keep track of your health, set goals, and get motivated to go the extra mile.

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How to View Activity Trends with Your iPhone & Apple Watch

The Activity app requires an Apple Watch. Your iPhone can track your steps per day and distance traveled, and you’ll find that data in the Health app, but it’s not as detailed as what can you get with the help of an Apple Watch. To see the big-picture view of your daily Apple Watch activity:

  1. Open the Fitness app on your iPhone.
  2. In the Summary tab, scroll down until you see Trends
  3. Under Trends, you'll see a list of all the trends for your various fitness metrics.
  4. Tap Show More to see activity trend details and suggestions.

    Open your Fitness appTap on Show More to see more activity trend information
  5. In the Trends tab, there are three sections: Keep it Going, Worth a Look, and Needs More Data.
  6. Keep it Going shows what you’ve been doing well.
  7. Tap on a trend in Keep it Going to see more information about where you're succeeding and why. Here you can see your averages over the past year, as well as by day, and a modest goal for turning the trend from a negative to a positive. Tap < Trends to go back to your Trends summary.

    Select a specific trend to reveal more tips and data
  8. Worth a Look lists goals for improvement. Note the goal suggestions in this section. They’re tailored to you based on your activity.
  9. Tap on a trend in Worth a Look to see more information on what can be improved. Tap < Trends to go back to your Trends summary.

  10. Back in Trends, scroll down to find Needs More Data. This is where the Fitness app lists the trends it could be tracking and measuring if it had enough information.
  11. Tap on a trend in Needs More Data to see how to meet requirements to begin tracking that trend. Tap < Trends to go back to your Trends summary.

Now you know how to use the Trends tab in your Activity app. After reviewing this information, I'm feeling especially motivated to begin running at least once per week so that I can track my running pace trends!

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