How To Redial a Phone Number on Your iPhone

When you need to redial a number or call the person you previously talked to, there’s a really fast shortcut you can make from the Phone app. Instead of going to your Recents or searching through your contacts, if you’re calling the previous person you spoke to, you can do it with two quick taps.

To do this, open the Phone app. Tap on Keypad at the bottom of the menu. Tap the green call button and the previous number with contact name that you entered into the keypad will fill-in at the top. Tap the green call button again to make the call.

That’s all there is to it! A quick side note: when you tap the green button and a number appears, if you then delete that number by pressing the x, you will need to enter a number for the redial to work again. We don’t why this is so but the small flaw is easily amended.


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