The Essential iPhone Accessories of 2021

Charge, carry, protect & stream: your best gear to get the most out of your iPhone.

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There are so many iPhone accessories out there: iPhone gear for traveling, for charging, for protecting, and for streaming. Deciding what you need can be a chore, but we've tried them a lot out, so we can recommend you the best of the bunch. Below, we'll go over our favorite iPhone essentials.

Incase Accessory Organizer w/BIONIC ($49.95)

My charging accessories are all in one place and easy to access due to this organizer. This soft clamshell case fits easily in one hand and features an exterior pocket perfect for iPhone charging cables. Three interior compartments, one zippered, offer padded storage for bulkier items like my MacBook power adapter and iPhone power bank. There are even gear loops for an Apple Pencil, AirPods case, and more. Best of all, the case is made of yarn fabricated from plastic debris recovered from our oceans.

Mophie Powerstation Pro ($104.95)

Tired of your iPhone battery dying while you’re out and about? Keep your phone charged for up to 107 hours with this 19,500mAH rechargeable power pack. The Mophie Powerstation Pro can deliver a fast charge of up to 30 watts and has both USB-A and USB-C ports. You can charge just your iPhone or add a second device, including a MacBook or iPad (although simultaneously charging will reduce the number of hours the Powerstation will support your iPhone). This battery pack includes smart-charging circuitry that adjusts charging speeds for each device to the fastest, safest levels.

Belkin 2-in-1 Wireless Charger Stand with MagSafe 15W ($99.99)

Belkin’s wireless charging stand is super easy to set up and use. Just plug the charger into an outlet, then place any iPhone 12 model (with a compatible MagSafe case) on the charging plate. The charger delivers 15 watts of power to your phone regardless of its orientation. Your AirPods (second-generation and later) can simultaneously charge in the wireless charging tray. Available in black or white, the modern design would work perfectly on a desk, nightstand, or entryway table.

LifeProof NEXT Clear Case (Starts at $79.99)

This case keeps your iPhone safe from dirt, snow, and falls of up to two meters, perfect for clumsy people like me! Made from 55 percent recycled plastic, the case features a transparent back with the option of teal, black, or lavender sides. A MagSafe-compatible option is available for iPhone 13 and 13 Pro. Remember to register your case online after purchase; LifeProof will donate one dollar per case to your choice of four nonprofit partners working to provide safe drinking water to developing nations and protect the earth’s oceans, rivers, and wildlife.

Belkin Magnetic Phone Mount with Face Tracking ($64.99)

If you like to create videos and stream them to social media from your iPhone, you’ve got to check out this accessory! This phone mount makes it easy to record high-quality content; just download the accompanying app and magnetically attach your iPhone 13 or 12 to the stand. Select your filming angle, position the mount, and begin filming with the Camera app or livestreaming with Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, or Twitter. The mount will track your face as you perform, tilting and rotating up to 360 degrees to keep you front and center.

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