Enter iPhone Life’s Instagram Photo Contest: Deadline November 13

ATTENTION: Our photo contest has recently undergone a few changes, so be sure to read our new rules carefully.

It's photo contest time again. We know you enjoy taking the occasional artistic shot with your iPhone, so why not get rewarded for it? Enter our iPhone Photography Contest on Instagram for a chance to win an Olloclip lens and a spot in our magazine! 

Entering our contest is simple: All you need to do is upload your shot(s) to your personal Instagram account and include the hashtag #iphonelifephotocontest in your photo’s caption. If you are selected as a winner, we’ll contact you via your Direct Messages within the Instagram app.

Remember, you must take and edit all photos with an iOS device, using only iOS apps. Our editors will choose the top three entries; the post with the most likes will win Reader’s Choice. Our Reader’s Choice and 1st-place winner will receive the Olloclip Core Lens ($99 value). We will also feature all our winners and finalists in an upcoming issue of iPhone Lifemagazine

Step-By-Step Instructions

  1. Upload a photo to your personal Instagram account (make sure it’s a new post and that it’s set to public).
  2. Include #iphonelifephotocontest in your caption.
  3. Follow our Instagram: @iphonelifemagazine.
  4. The editorial team will select our winners.
  5. Make sure you check your messages on Instagram—that’s how we’ll be contacting you if we’ve selected your photo as a winner!
  6. The photo with the most likes on Instagram will receive Reader’s Choice.
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Author Details

Rheanne Taylor's picture

Author Details

Rheanne Taylor

Rheanne Taylor is the Video Production Manager of iPhone Life. Before discovering her love for video production, Rheanne was the Managing Editor. In her 6+ years at the company, Rheanne has helped produce 19 issues of iPhone Life magazine, edited countless podcasts, and produced over 1,000 educational videos showing people how to get the most out of their Apple devices. She continues to be a regular contributor to iPhone Life magazine, using her 10+ years of photography experience to create content primarily covering photography tips and photography gear. Rheanne is a passionate photographer both in and outside of work and loves to remind people that they don't need a fancy camera in order to capture beautiful shots—her most recent photography show featured work mainly shot on an iPhone!

Rheanne holds a bachelor's degree in Literature & Writing from Maharishi International University. When she isn't overseeing video content, she loves drinking tea, holding up traffic by taking entirely too many photos of bugs, and hanging out with her Instagram famous cat Wesley (IG: wesley_the_pirate_cat).