Embarrassing Tech Mishaps: The Shattered iPhone Edition

iPhone Life readers share their most cringe-worthy tech mishaps—from Facebook faux pas to sleep texting. Have your own mortifying mishap to share? Email us at techmishaps@iphonelife.com by Monday, March 5, and you could be featured in our next column! (Don't worry, we won't include your name.)

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Crouching Tiger, Broken iPhone

While I was visiting my sister, we decided to order some Chinese takeout and binge-watch a few of our favorite shows. I volunteered to pick up the food. After paying, I was carrying our hefty order out to my car. I felt things starting to shift in my hands. I was carrying a lot of quality Chinese food in my arms, but I also had my brand-new iPhone in my hand. I was about to drop something, either the food or the phone. Considering my dedication and passion for Chinese food, I decided to drop my phone. It was a split-second decision. As my phone plummeted to the ground in slow motion, of course, I saw a tiny pebble. I could feel it. My phone was going to land directly on the stone. After my phone hit the ground, I set the food down and picked up my phone. Shattered. I sighed, got in my car with my Chinese food and my broken phone, drove back to my sister's house, and binged. I stand by my decision.

-Chinese food is good. 

Crossed Wires

I was texting my boyfriend some scantily clad photos while he was away on a trip. While I was sending a photo, my ex happened to text me. Somehow, I must have clicked on something that indicated I wanted to send him the photo, rather than my boyfriend. Much to my dismay, my ex opened the picture. Needless to say, he was not pleased. Fortunately, my boyfriend and I found humor in the incident. 

-Wasn’t Me

Hangover Surprise

After the first-generation iPhone came out, my parents gave me one for Christmas. A few days later, I had a New Year’s Eve party, drank too much, and woke up the next day without my phone. While cleaning up the mess from the night before, I found my brand new iPhone in a cup of beer, where it had been soaking all night. I had to spend $700 to replace the very generous gift from Dad and Mom.

-Sorry Mom & Dad

Online Awkwardness

I was browsing Facebook on my phone and tapped on someone I thought I recognized. I started tapping on a few photos and tagged myself in it accidentally. I didn’t know the person at all.

-Made It Weird

I Broke an Unwritten Facebook Rule

One night during the a.m. hours, I was scrolling through a friend's profile & hit 'Like' on a status from two years ago. Even though I undid the 'Like,' I'm sure Facebook sent a notification to inform them I was prowling through their years-old posts.

-Online Prowler

Sleep Texting Is Real

The other morning at 6 a.m., I was woken by a text from my mom asking out of the blue if I wanted to borrow her camera. I grumpily wondered why she thought it was ever OK to text that early in the morning, especially to offer her camera when I am terrible at photography. Later in the day when I was a bit more awake, I looked at the text conversation again and realized that I had sleep-texted her the word "camera" in the very early a.m. Turns out I was the one who had rudely interrupted HER sleep!

-The Sleep Texter

Comic pictured above by Tamlin Day.

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