Buyer's Guide 2019: Best iPhone Accessories & Stocking Stuffer Ideas

If you've been looking for the best stocking stuffer ideas for the iPhone enthusiast in your life, our 2019 Buyer's Guide has you covered. We've included charging cables, PopSockets, a smart notebook for jotting down thoughts and ideas, and more, all small enough to fit in your friend or loved one's stocking. Let's go over our favorite small gifts of 2019.

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PopSockets PopWallet ($19.99)

The PopWallet can fit up to three credit cards (four for an extremely tight squeeze), but even if it’s only holding one, you’ll see it’s a snug fit that doesn’t let your card fall out easily. Since it attaches to your phone case by an included bracket, you can slide the wallet off when you want to use a wireless charger. With a fabric portion that lets you push your cards out quickly, the PopWallet is a good option to condense how much stuff you’re carrying for travel or everyday activities.

MyCharge PowerCord Go ($17.99)

Have you had to deal with a dead device at an inconvenient time? This four-inch charging cable is attached to a carabiner, so you can clip it to your bag or car keys and always have a charger on hand. The short cord feels sturdy, and its length makes it best for connecting your device to a power bank or laptop. The MyCharge PowerCord Go is a small accessory that gives you the luxury of never fearing a battery drain.

Whooz? iPhone Charger Stickers ($12.95)

Keep arguing about which iPhone charger is yours? These vinyl stickers are available for a range of cord accessories such as chargers and headphones. Each pack comes with four designs following a theme, so you can dress up your accessory with a friendly face, animal, or ghoul! Whooz stickers are also durable and removable. Whether you want your charger to stand out and be easy to find, or have always thought of ports as little mouths anyway, Whooz stickers are fun and easy to apply.

PopSockets PopMinis ($19.99)

If you tilt your phone to landscape mode to take photos or play games, PopMinis can help you get a grip! Keep your device from slipping away and put less of a strain on your hands with this trio, each of which is smaller than a regular PopSocket. PopMinis can also prop your phone up for a hands-free stand. And because they come in a set of three, you’ll be able to configure them however works best for you.

Rocketbook Everlast Mini Notebook ($16.00)

This little notebook with its smart-grid pages lets you doodle your ideas or make a handwritten note and then upload it directly to a variety of cloud-based services, text it, or email it. With the included pen and microfiber towel, you’ll be able to reuse the notebook for as long as you have things to scribble down. Each page can be erased with just a small amount of water. The Rocketbook Everlast Mini must be used with its own app, but it connects to your accounts so you can draw, scan, and upload as quickly as the ink dries (about 15 seconds).

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